Day: February 23, 2021

The All in One Guide to Banking Accounts for Newbies

Are you thinking about opening a new bank account, but all the different choices have you stressing out? Perhaps you have bad credit, but you still want to get the tremendous budgeting benefits that a savings or checking account provides. Maybe you want a bank account, so you can build an emergency fund in case […]

9 Ways to Benefit More from Healthcare

Healthcare is a huge expense, and in some cases of chronic illness it can even add up to more than your monthly rent total – but it’s not the kind of expense that you can skip out on, especially if you have a medical history that means you could need health insurance more. Trying to make […]

When a No Credit Check Loan is the Right Choice

Imagine you’re in the market for a home. You probably want to get pre-approved for a loan so you know how much a lender is willing to offer you and at what rate before your start searching for the property of your dreams. With pre-approval in place, you know what your spending limit is and […]

5 Things to Do With Your Money if You Get a Raise

So you’ve finally gotten that big raise you’ve been hoping for. Congratulations! But don’t start spending to make your champagne wishes and caviar dreams come true just yet, at least not without reading this first! Here are five things you can do with all that new money you have now that you’ve gotten a raise. […]

7 Common Mistakes You Make When Trying to Save Money

Saving money is hard. Our entire economy is designed around people spending money, so when you are trying to save, it often feels like you are fighting against all of society. But having a healthy savings account is important. Living paycheck to paycheck is stressful, of course, especially when you run into an extra expense […]

5 Ways to Be Sure You Stay on Budget

Nobody likes to feel limited. That’s why it is so hard for us to follow rules we set for ourselves. After all, if it is your rule, it can’t really hurt to break it, right? Wrong. If you think of a budget as a set of rules, it’s likely you’ll resent the limits you’ve set. […]

3 Steps to Deal with Your Credit Card Debt

The debt spiral is very real. You want to enjoy life or you run into a financial emergency and you use your credit card to help. You probably have every intention of paying it off, but you can’t because your paycheck is already going to cover other things. So you create a balance on your […]

Investing in Your Family – Ways You Can Improve Family Finances

Your family likely means everything to you. But families are expensive. With more mouths to feed and bodies to clothe, you’re always facing large grocery bills and your clothing budget may seem like it’s constantly expanding. If you’re always looking for more money every month to take care of your family’s needs, you aren’t alone. […]

7 Times When a Personal Loan is a Bad Idea For You

Using personal loans is a great option for many people looking to consolidate credit card debt or make a large, one-time purchase. However, depending on a person’s financial profile, it could also result in years of crushing payments or defaulting on the loan altogether. A personal loan uses installments. A bank, credit union, or online lender […]

The Guide to Debt Consolidation

It’s easy to think of debt as a single thing. Like a lump sum of money you need to pay back rather than the collection of student loans, credit cards, car loans, mortgages, personal loans and even payday loans you’ve amassed – all with different payment dates, all with different payment amounts. For most of […]