Budgeting Apps to Help Pay Down Debt and Save

Budgeting Apps to Help Pay Down Debt and Save

We have technology at our fingertips. Why not let it work for us when it comes to saving and spending money – especially spending less money. Apps for mobile phones help us in all areas of our lives. Why not find a budgeting or couponing app to help make your life simpler and help you […]

Frugality - How to Live a Debt-free Life

Embracing Frugality – How to Live a Debt-free Life

Imagine what it would feel like to have no bills. Or at the very least to have no debt. Every time you get paid you won’t be waiting anxiously for your check to clear the bank. Instead, you always have more than enough money in the bank. Many people dream of the day they are […]

Tips to Save When Raising a Child

5 Tips to Save When Raising a Child

Children are expensive. Sure, they are worth every penny, but that’s still a lot of pennies you’re spending to raise your child well. Saving money is a goal for almost every parent. We are always finding ways to cut costs without losing out on valuable childhood experiences or sacrificing health or wellness. Looking for some […]

Costs of Raising a Baby

Understanding the Hidden Costs of Raising a Baby

It’s not a secret that children are expensive. We talk about the cost of diapers and daycare, but those aren’t the only costs you need to anticipate as you think about starting a family or you calibrate your finances after you have your first.  Babies do bring a bit of escalation to the family budget, […]

Saving Money on Groceries

Food. We all need it. We must buy it. That means we need to budget for it. But why is food so expensive? There are many reasons, of course, that delve into supply and demand, seasonal variations, and transportation costs, but ultimately you know your budget and you know what you need from the store. […]

7 Things to Know Before Consolidating Bad Debt

Before talking to anyone about debt consolidation, be prepared with these 7 important facts. From cookies to cars, everything you buy has the potential to become debt. Most things in life can be had with the quick swipe of a credit card or, in the case of your car, an easy loan. While that’s definitely […]

Options for Those with Bad Credit Who Need a Loan

Your credit score limits your options when it comes to borrowing money. Whether you had a streak of bad luck or perhaps just a streak of bad financial planning, your bad credit score can make it much harder to arrange a loan when you need one. It begs the question: what are the options for […]

Meet The Unbanked

We take certain parts of life for granted. We can find a grocery store when we need one. We can get cash from an ATM. But some of the American population isn’t living in the same way. These are the unbanked. The unbanked are individuals and families who don’t or won’t use a bank for […]

What Everyone Needs to Know About Auto Loans

Unless you have a hefty savings account, buying a car with cash is probably not something you’re able to do. So what do you do when you need a new car, but don’t have the money saved up to pay for it? You get an auto loan. Auto loans have many different elements, and that […]

51 Ways to Make Fast Cash

If you’re near broke or cash-strapped until next payday or looking for ways to pay off debt, there’s lots of options that can help. We’ve pulled together a healthy dose of ideas for a cash infusion to help supplement your income. While you could ask a friend or family member for assistance, or even look […]