Rates And Fees

These are some examples of the possible rates and fees that are charged on payday loans, cash advance and installment loans by the our network of lenders. All Annual Percentage Rates (A.P.R.) will vary based on the time between loan origination and the first due date, the lender, the amount financed, and other terms of your loan.

Example rates based on a 14-day repayment term on a payday loan with a $30.00 finance charge for every $100.00 borrowed.
Amount FinancedTotal RepaymentFinance ChargeAPR

* This table is just an illustrative example of what rates and terms may look like. Every lender and every loan has its own rates and terms and this table is intended to be an illustrative example only and not a representation of the payday loan or installment loan that you may receive if you are connected to a lender. Your rates may be higher than the rates displayed here.The rates and terms may vary depending on what State you live in or what type of loan, if any, you receive. It is vital you read and understand the terms and conditions from your direct lender if you are connected with one.
** Annual Percentage Rate is the total cost of your loan expressed as a yearly rate. It is important to note that these are short term loans so the annualizing the rate will vary based on the length of your loan.


A $400.00 installment loan paid over a longer period of time will have a very different APR than one paid quickly. The table below shows a $400.00 installment loan due in bi-weekly installments over 14 pay periods compared to those due in bi-weekly installments over 8 pay periods.

Example of Installment Loans in a Bi-Weekly Repayment
PaymentsAmount FinancedFinance ChargeAPRTotal Repayment
14 Payments$400.00$1,064.89566.302%$1,464.89
8 Payments$400.00$694.32420.450%$1,094.32

*** The State you reside in may impact your amount financed, your APR, and other fees. This table is an illustrative example only.


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