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Summer’s Fine, But Fall is Great For Savings

He didn't put his sale on Craigslist, so Yard Sale Treasure Map users can't find him. (Photo: wikipedia.org)

He didn't put his sale on Craigslist, so Yard Sale Treasure Map users can't find him. (Photo: wikipedia.org)

Yard sales tend to begin in the summer when the weather’s fine, but depending upon where you live, they can go on well into the fall. Sure, the winds may blow cold and the leaves may coat the ground, but that never stops a true bargain hunter with a yard sale treasure map. The true bargain hunter keeps their eyes on the prize when it comes to value, and garage sales are a great place to find deals. As long as attention is paid to the quality and state of repair of the items in question for purchase, the yard sale hunter can come out ahead without having to depend upon same day cash loans.

Do You Plan Your Garage Sale Adventures?

If you live in a town of even medium size and would like to spend your weekends scoping out yard sales, it pays to plan. Traipsing about willy nilly from one place to the next is a recipe for quickly running out of both time and money. If you have an idea of what neighborhoods tend to have the best stuff (a little garage sale research is necessary here) and plan your mileage economically (not bouncing back and forth between uptown and downtown, for example), you’re on the right track.

But you’ll need to begin by knowing where the sales are at least a day or two ahead of time. Looking for road signs and reading newspapers are two old-school options here, but why not enter the 21st century and use technology to improve your experience? There are few tools that do this out there right now that can match the power of the Web site Yard Sale Treasure Map.

A Yard Sale Treasure Map For Bargain Hunters

Yard Sale Treasure Map is a free service that scours Craigslist (everybody uses it) and maps out the sales in your city with a Google Maps interface. Select the sales that seem best to you and Yard Sale Treasure Map will even allow you to create a personalized map to the discount treasures you can find out there. Conveniently, Yard Sale Treasure map even predicts the most optimal route for you to take to get there and the order in which you should visit them, thanks to the Google Maps interface. If you want to be even more specific, search sales by the items that will be for sale (hopefully your neighbors took the time to list them) by category.

New Stuff is Expensive

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Why don’t you use Yard Sale Treasure Map and see how the bargains help your bottom line. Same day payday loans may be something you depend upon less as a result, and you’ll be doing something green by recycling old stuff and keeping plastics out of the landfill.

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