Is it Yahoo or Google that floats your e-mail boat?

I sometimes prefer Yahoo mail over Google gmail for certain reasons.When I first learned how to use the internet, the buzz was all about Yahoo. In fact, Google wasn’t even a thought yet. Yahoo paved the way for every search engine on the web today. Yahoo’s first major competition was waged when the new innovative Google came out. It was fresh, new and different. So of course, all the oddballs who don’t like to follow the herd joined in. Eventually, Google stole the spotlight and has been on top ever since. It turned into a giant online payday for the folks at Google!

Do most prefer Yahoo mail or Gmail?

I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but it took a freak of nature to convince me to replace yahoo with another mail server, thus giving my number one spot to a search engine that I didn’t know. What held me back was mostly that I have always liked the way the Yahoo mail engine looks. It has always appealed to me, aesthetically. Plus, it was my first, so I was attached. Moreover, you don’t need a pay day loan to pay for extra storage.

Always simple and easy, I just felt comfortable using its features. Many people I know use yahoo, but my loyalty has shifted slightly. I now prefer Gmail, but I keep my Yahoo account open for storage space. I even get to receive my Yahoo mail in my new Gmail account. Let’s face it; Google is the next generation with its hip and high tech solutions to our mail, especially for spam problems. I like the fact that Gmail is simply referred to as “Gmail.” You couldn’t ask for a better name to start an internet empire with.

What’s wrong with a little healthy competition?

I think neither Google nor Yahoo would have had the success they have without each another. So Google and Yahoo search engines should not hate but congratulate. The fact is the two engines are similar, but they have enough differences to avoid any real problems. Yahoo is more concerned with entertainment, from e-mail and instant messaging to jokes and games. Google, on the other hand, is primarily a searching entity with extra stuff built  around the search feature. Yahoo has been trying to catch up with Google, but who knows if it ever will. The real battle will begin once Yahoo and Bing become one.

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