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Writing articles about popular or newsworthy topics can help increase your affiliate marketing commissions. Photo: ThinkStock.

Once you’ve written several conversion articles for the Commission Writing program, you can help these articles rank even better by writing trends articles. Search engines rank the popularity of a page or article based on the number of links and amount of traffic that goes to that page. Because conversion articles do not naturally develop these links, you can increase your commission by giving them a helping hand. Writing trends articles and linking them to your conversion articles will increase their rankings and help increase your commission.

Writing about trending topics

Once you’ve got a portfolio of conversion articles, writing on hot topics, breaking news, celebrity news and other high traffic topics can help increase your commissions. These trend topics can be just about anything that you think will get lots of readers. We just call them “trends” because, more often than not, the best topics end up on Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz and Bing Popular Searches.

The structure of a Trends article

Trend articles are written with a very similar structure to a standard conversion article. You want to choose one keyword that you think will get traffic, and use that keyword throughout the title, headings, and text in the article. Write an article that will:

  • Be 300 – 400 words long. (Articles more than 400 words long will not be accepted.)
  • Have subheadings for each paragraph
  • Include a title that is 65 characters or fewer
  • Include a description that is 140 characters or fewer
  • Include six “tags” – words that describe the topic of the article
  • Have a Creative Commons commercially licensed photograph or illustration
  • Be written in clear, correct English

Putting links in your Trends article

Personal Money Store allows commission writers to insert two of their own links into each article they write. These links are what do the “heavy lifting” of connecting your high-traffic trend articles to your high-commission conversion pages.

Our submission form strips all HTML formatting and code when you paste your article body into it — only plain text is accepted. In order to get your links into the articles, you will need to paste the plain-text HTML code into the submission box. Here is an example:

If you have the phrase “payday loans” in your article and you would like it to link to a payday loans page, paste the HTML for the link into the submission form. This HTML should look like: <a href=”http://personalmoneystore.com/payday-loans/”>payday loans</a> . When our editors see this they will know how to use it to get the text link into your article. When it is published it will have a payday loans link to the payday loans article. It’s that easy.

You can also add an “anchor link title” to help increase the search engine power of your link. This will help you attach keyword value to your link in situations where saying the keyword phrase might not sound right with sentence. Many blog editors like WordPress have an HTML view button. Typically you can just put links in like you do with email and click HTML view to get access to the code so you can copy and paste it into the submission form.

Following is an example of how you could say a phrase like “internet lending is the future of the sub-prime lending market” with a link to a cash advance article.

<a title=”Cash Advance Loans Up to $1,500 with no Faxing” href=”http://personalmoneystore.com/cash-advance/”>internet cash lending</a> is the future of the sub-prime lending market.

This would look like

internet cash lending is the future of the sub-prime lending market.

The raw HTML you would paste into the submission page would be:

<a title=”Cash Advance Loans Up to $1,500 with No Faxing! Really!” href=”http://personalmoneystore.com/cash-advance/”>internet cash lending</a>

You can copy this HTML, but make sure you change the title words in between the first set of quotation marks (“) and make sure you paste the url of your past article in the href area between the second set of quotation marks to complete the customization.

Read examples of Trends articles

These are Trends articles written by Commission Writers that link to conversion articles.
Belinda Jackson’s XMen Origins

Jade Neilsson’s Crystal Bowersox

Bonnie Jones’ Home Buyer Tax Credit

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