Wowwee Rovio: half robot, half webcam, all awesome

Wowwee Rovio

The Wowwee Rovio is a home-security robot that can be used for so much more. Image courtesy of Wowwee on Flickr.

If you’ve got wifi in your house and a desire to have some robotic fun, the Wowwee Rovio is built just for you. The Wowwee Rovio is half remote-controlled robot and half webcam. The remote control can connect to any available wifi connection – meaning you can have the Wowwee Rovio roam your house and show you what is going on – no matter what internet-connected computer you are at. At less than $250, the Wowwee Rovio won’t even take a pay day loan to purchase. The best part about the Wowwee Rovio is that if the fun of remote-controlling a wifi-enabled webcam eventually wears off, you can hack the Wowwee Rovio to do even more.

Basics of the Wowwee Rovio

The concept of the Wowwee Rovio sounds awesome, but how does the Wowwee Rovio work? The Wowwee Rovio uses the wifi connection that you have available in your home, and it can be accessed using most any computer, mobile device or gaming console. The Wowwee Rovio also has an automatic detection system – so when you pull it out of the box, setup is usually very quick and simple.

You can also purchase Wowwee Truetrack room beacons to help your Rovio navigate its way around your house or back to its charging dock, all on its own. You can also purchase a Wowwee Rovio headlight that will help it see its way in the dark.

Wowwee Rovio for home security

The biggest potential use for the Wowwee Rovio is a fairly obvious one: home security. This little robot can be easily overlooked, and the webcam can send a video feed out to be recorded. You won’t have to figure out if you should blame the dog or the cat for the latest broken vase – instead, the video from the Wowwee Rovio will let you know exactly what is going on. There are security concerns with the Wowwee Rovio broadcasting an audio and video feed of what’s going on in your home – so be sure that your wifi is secure before you connect the Rovio.

Wowwee Rovio for other uses

Just because you bought the Wowwee Rovio for home security doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the robot. The Wowwee Rovio comes equipped with a speaker and microphone system and can be programmed to run various routes around your home. Have a teenagers who hate waking up? Program the Wowwee Rovio to be their alarm clock that runs away. Out of the office and missing out on great water cooler conversation? Use the Wowwee Rovio to tell your officemates about your March Madness picks. You can even use the Wowwee Rovio to create LOL-worthy situations with your favorite dog or cat.

Hacking the Wowwee Rovio

Thanks to an night at the open bar at the Consumer Electronics Show, Woot featured the Wowwee Rovio for less than half of the usual price – only $99 cash now. The best part of this Woot feature is that the company teamed up with Hack a Day to bring you an instant hack for your Wowwee Rovio. So if you’re the type that loves to tear apart electronics and bend them to your will, today is the day to jump on getting the Wowwee Rovio.

Watch the Wowwee Rovio in action

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