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You work hard to bring home the bacon but you live on chicken feed

Nest eggs are hard to com by when you live on chicken feed

Nest eggs are hard to come by when you live on chicken feed

The rent is due

Your landlord doesn’t care why you’re down and out. He makes a bundle, but he won’t pay a penny for your thoughts. In his eyes you’re a deadbeat and he wants cold hard cash. You live from hand to mouth and every month you pay an arm and a leg to help your landlord make money hand over fist. You pay through the nose for the leaking roof over your head while your landlord lives high on the hog.

The golden rule doesn’t seem to get started when it’s time to pony up. Your landlord was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and you can bet your bottom dollar he won’t wait until payday.  You’re going to have to pay on the nail.

When you’re caught short, cut your losses with a quick payday loan. Dollars for doughnuts, you can make ends meet with an online cash advance so long as paying it back on payday won’t leave you strapped for cash again.

The weekend is coming

You’re hard up and payday is still a week away. You’re not a cheapskate, but you don’t ride the gravy train, either. Although you have generous friends who somehow manage to stay in the black, it’s humiliating when they always have to pick up the tab. You live on a shoestring, but you don’t like someone else footing the bill all the time.

For my money, a quick cash loan is the way to go if you can pay it back on payday and still have a little money to burn. Your friends may have hearts of gold, but when it comes to having fun, it sure feels good to pay your share out of your own pocket.

It’s on sale now

You arent made of money, but that new tent is sound as a pound

You aren't made of money, but that new tent is sound as a pound

At $189, that new two-person tent with mesh vents and detachable rain-cover seemed like highway robbery. But at the end-of-summer sale, it’s looking cheap at half the price. You’ve been pinching pennies all summer for a weekend camp-out at the lake, but payday is two weeks away and the sale ends tomorrow. They’re selling your tent for a song and you’re counting down until payday.

If you don’t come up with some extra cash right away, you’re going to be a day late and a dollar short. If you can pay the piper on payday and still cover all your expenses without having to borrow again, it may make good sense to get a personal loan now. A quick loan won’t cost the earth, and you’ll feel like a million bucks, camped by the lake in that luxurious tent, safe from the bugs and rain.

It’s going to bounce

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You don’t have two pennies to rub together, and your math skills are in the hole, too. You just found a mistake in your check book and you’ve overdrawn your account. It wasn’t intentional, but the bank won’t let you put in your two cents: You’re going to get hit with some hefty overdraft fees if you don’t come up with some fast cash.

It sure would be nice to be loaded and to be able to solve advanced math problems at the drop of a dime, too.  But you’re not.  You’re going to take a beating and your bank is going to make a killing if you don’t do something quickly. All that glitters is not gold, but in a situation like this, an online cash advance is pay dirt worth every red cent.

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