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“My uncle advised me to check out I received instant decision for enough money to fix my car in time for the show.” (Photo: Thinkstock)

Payday loans for bad credit played a big role in my winning the race. Recently I participated in a classic car contest. I was so proud of my vehicle. I’d had it in storage over the winter and had no idea what I was in for. Not to spoil the story, but let’s just say I needed some financial help without having to run from lender to lender. I did not have the best credit at the time, so my options were limited.

Why I needed payday loans for bad credit

I want to tell you a little about the history this car and I share and how payday loans for bad credit came to my rescue. I purchased the car for only $1,000 about 10 years ago. It was possibly one of the biggest eyesores you would have ever seen, but for me, it was destiny.

When my eyes met the mean machine sitting in that farmer’s field, I fell instantly in love. I bought the car from the guy with everything I had saved up bucking bails that summer of ’98 for my uncle. I was only 18 years old. I have since then put about $6,000 into my classic 300 and have not regretted one cent.

It could have been worse!

Typically I stored my 300 in my uncle’s barn and drove a Toyota FJ40 regularly. This last spring there were a few severe wind storms, one being so harsh that it collapsed half of my uncle’s barn. Luckily it did not damage my baby — or so I thought.

I was signed up for the 10th annual classic car show that my car and I had won twice already. I had to make the trip into the country to fetch my 300, but when I arrived at my uncle’s, he greeted me with a grim look on his face. I asked him if he was alright, and he told me what had happened. My car was not damaged when the roof collapsed during the storm, but rainwater got in and made a mess of my entire front custom bench seat.

It was not my uncle’s fault this happened, so I didn’t want to give him the impression that it was. I remained calm. Even though I just wanted to freak out, I started to brainstorm how I would get the car fixed before the car show that was in three days. All I knew was I needed money fast and payday was not for another week.

The calm after the storm

My uncle advised me to check out, a business that offers payday loans for bad credit. I instantly got on his computer and applied for a loan, which required an inquiry into my credit history. I received instant decision for enough money to fix my car in time for the show — and won first place!

Thanks to payday loans for bad credit, my car is in better condition than ever and I have recommended them to everyone I know.

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