WikiLeaks posts secret CIA documents

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More Government secrets leaked on WikiLeaks. CC by WikiLeaks/Wikimedia Commons

The release of documents pertaining to the war in Afghanistan by WikiLeaks has been the cause of a great deal of controversy. Though WikiLeaks maintains it would never release any information that could put soldiers in danger, the release of somewhat sensitive documents has continued. A recent release from the site is quite interesting. It’s a CIA document exploring whether the U.S. exports terrorism. The Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon have decried the release, though disclosed that the document does not pose any actual risk.

WikiLeaks releases classified CIA paper

An internal CIA report, which was classified, was published on WikiLeaks, according to CNN. The paper, “What if Foreigners see the United States as ‘Exporter of Terrorism?’” explores the possibility of America or Americans possibly having exported terrorism. It isn’t known how the document was obtained. There are examples, of course. Irish Americans funding the IRA and Jewish Americans funding Israeli terrorist groups, for instance. The report is mostly about potential fallout. The main concern is what could happen if other countries see the U.S. as an exporter of terrorism.

All in a day’s work at Red Cell

The CIA has a group called Red Cell. The report was obviously produced by this group. The purpose of Red Cell is to examine any weaknesses or theories that challenge conventional dogma of U.S. policy. Basically, this group thinks outside the box. The CIA and the Pentagon have both condemned the latest leak. The CIA knows the report isn’t threatening, but the CIA and the Department of Defense want all of their materials back.

WikiLeaks head honcho in hot water

There is nothing new about scandals concerning WikiLeaks founder and editor Julian Assange. Recently, he was arrested in Sweden for rape. Since he wasn’t in Sweden at the time, the arrest was in absentia. The judge presiding over the case dropped charges the day after they were filed. Assange attributes the charges to governments colluding to smear him in the press. He has been in legal trouble before. He was convicted of hacking in Australia, his native land.

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