Apple fans will have to wait for white iPhone 4

White iPhone

The white iPhone 4 will not be released until Spring 2011, says Apple. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Apple devotees will just have to wait longer for the white iPhone 4. The trendiest model of the trendiest phone has been an incredibly rare purchase to secure. Recently, the Apple Store App has added a program that lets Apple users reserve the white model of the phone ahead of its release. It likely will not be available until spring of 2011.

White iPhone 4 delayed, again

The white iPhone 4 model has encountered production delays and will not be released before Christmas. Those patiently awaiting the white iPhone release will have to wait until Spring 2011 at least, according to USA Today. The Apple Store App recently added a reservation feature for the white iPhone, so the Apple faithful can reserve the white model ahead of when it is finally available for purchase. Just like its black counterpart, the white iPhone will be available in 16 GB and 32 GB models. The 16 GB model is tentatively priced at $199, and the 32 GB model will list for $299 through AT&T. The white model of the iPhone was a hot item in previous models, and the white iPhone 4 was one of the big questions when the iPhone 4.0 was released.

Not the first delay

This is not the first delay of the white iPhone 4, according to CNN. Apple Inc. had reassured its devotees that a white model would be out in July, but delays continued to push the release date back. The official reason from Apple for the delay is difficulties in production, mostly in resolving functionality issues. Other rumored Apple projects have been talked about for months on end. The rumored Verizon iPhone is still a hot topic, though there hasn’t been any real confirmation from either Apple or Verizon.

White phone the apple of customers eyes

The release of the white iPhone 4 has been hotly awaited for months, but it appears that Apple acolytes will just have to wait longer. Sales for the iPhone continue to be strong, and unless the white model is buried by the iPhone 5, it will eventually come to those who wait.



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