Where do I vote | How to have your say in the election


Voting is important -- but finding the answer to "where do I vote" is not always easy. Image: Flickr / Theresa Thompson / CC-BY

There are many hotly debated issues and races in this year’s election. If you want to share your thoughts, it is important to know the answer to “where do I vote?” Depending on which state you are in, “where do I vote” is a question that could be easy or complicated to answer.

Remember to register

Before you ask “where do I vote,” it is important to remember that you must be registered to vote. Many states require that you register at least 15 to 30 days before an election, often at the county clerk’s office. Some states, such as Montana, do allow in-person registration on the day of the election.

Where do I vote

In order to find out where you can vote, you could call your state elections office and ask “where do I vote?” You can also check online and use one of several tools that tells you where you should vote. Vote 411 answers questions about where to vote as well as questions about early voting, voters registration and ID requirements. Google is also answering the question “where do I vote” with the Google Voter Info maps tool.

Why voting is important

The question “where do I vote?” has importance beyond a set of maps. Voter turnout in the United States during midterm elections has been less than 40 percent, according to the Federal Election Commission. In many states, voting for midterm elections is only open on one day, and while some states require employers offer paid leave in order to vote, not all do. Many blame low voter turnout on accessibility — getting to the place where you are supposed to vote can be difficult at times. Others wonder why the “where do I vote” question even exists anymore. Mail-in voting systems have been tested as successful in increasing turnout in some states. Should voting be a place-based question, or should voting be available online or with a mail-in system?

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