What is a Cash Advance?

Woman in a white suit using a computer while writing in a notepad.HELP! There’s a stack of bills sitting on the kitchen table beside you. You normally put together a ship-shape budget, but this time, you had to fix your car. Looking for answers, you stare at the calendar. Payday won’t come fast enough, so you need to find another option quickly. For speed, discretion and convenience, consider a cash advance.

A cash advance solution

These short-term cash advance loans are given in amounts ranging from $100 to $1,500, which is great for covering things like bills during an emergency. And requesting is easy. Simply go online or call and you can complete a form in minutes. Typically, neither faxing nor a credit check are required, which is a big plus when you’re either pressed for time or wish to avoid having others delve into a credit history that may have some dings. Nobody’s perfect, and it shouldn’t take perfect credit to get small cash assistance when you badly need it.

Will this affect my credit?

Another benefit of not typically having to deal with a credit check means one less inquiry made into your credit history, which can translate into a better FICO score.

What happens after I’m approved?

Upon loan approval, you may receive your cash within two hours via direct deposit. Imagine — from the comfort of your own home, you can request a cash advance in minutes! All you have to do is provide basic personal, employment and banking references. Then the approval process rolls into fast action.

Before you know it, you may get that note of approval and receive funds via direct deposit within only a couple of hours. Even the repayment terms of your loan are reasonable, clear and easy to follow, leaving you more time to take care of your needs.

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Paying back what you owe within the standard two-week term is made as easy as possible, so what are you waiting for? Get started online today!

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