Westin Hotels offers exercise gear for business travelers

Photo of a woman doing a tae kwon do workout in sports bra and shorts.

Communal sports bras may seem strange at first, but Westin Hotels is banking on the novelty. (Photo Credit: CC BY-ND/Blestbras)

Frequent business travel is far from luxurious for most working men and women. Having to lug around extra baggage from place to place simply to keep up with one’s exercise routine becomes increasingly burdensome as destinations mount. According to the Wall Street Journal, Westin Hotels feels the pain of health-conscious businesspeople looking to travel light. That’s why they’re providing communal exercise wear – including communal sports bras.

Used exercise gear: Convenience or affront to decency?

The convenience of leaving the bulky carry-on bag behind will no doubt be an attraction to some business travelers looking to maintain on-the-road workouts, but questions as to whether communal shoes, socks and sports bras will actually draw in the fitness center crowd remain.

Beginning today, Westin Hotels offers women a New Balance gear-lending program that includes Capri pants, sports bra, shirt, socks and shoes. Men will get a shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. This free service will be extended to all guests who request the gear. The hotel assures guests that all clothing items undergo “intense hot-water laundry” treatment between uses, much the same as Westin bedsheets and towels. Shoes are cleaned externally and insoles are replaced between each use, too.

Business travelers: Propping up the industry

According to Marriott Hotels & Resorts Senior VP of Global Brand Management Paul Cahill, “The business traveler who stays 40-plus nights a year represents about 50 percent of our revenue.” Thus, catering to business travelers is important. Westin Hotels told the WSJ that more than 70 percent of guests use hotel fitness center facilities, so the gear lending program appears to be a logical idea.

What travelers think

Jenn Blazejewski, a 31-year-old management consultant who runs daily and travels four days per week, thinks communal exercise wear is a great idea, and she isn’t disgusted by it.

“Running socks aren’t very intimate compared with bed sheets and towels,” she told the WSJ.


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