Get creative: Ways for kids to make money

A little lemonade stand.

There are many ways for kids to make money. All you need is to be creative. (Photo: Kimberly N./Flickr/CC BY-ND)

There are many ways for kids to make money. Children are filled with so much energy and curiosity, it’s easy to get them into the habit of making money. It’s important to sit down with your kids and find out exactly what their interests are. This will help them come up with creative ideas on ways to make money by doing what they love to do while building their lifelong skills. Here are some ideas on ways for kids to earn money.

Yummy ways for kids to make money

Selling baked goods is one of the popular ways for kids to make money. Baking cookies, cakes and pies can not only be a money-generating activity, but a fun task everyone can enjoy and partake in. A good business approach would be to find clients and take orders ahead of time, as it will help you avoid any leftover inventory. Print out fliers that highlight the goods you can make, and remember to include bulletpoints on any special service you can offer on the side, like personally designed goodies, free delivery or bundle package specials.

‘Lemonade, please’

Another way for kids to make money is to start a lemonade stand. However, your child can learn about more than just making lemonade. A lemonade stand could feel like an actual business location to a child. It can give them a better understanding of how a real business is run and why it is important they have the right communication skills to deal with different types of people.

Assisting the elderly

Handy, responsible children can find ways to make money by helping other people, particularly the elderly. Plenty of people are looking for someone to help take care of their grandparents, and kids help by performing simple tasks. Plus, they make delightful companions who can summon a smile any day with their bright, little faces.

Creativity provides ways for kids to earn money

Being creative can provide multiple ways for kids to make money. Kids can make money by providing simple services, such as cleaning out attics and garages, wrap presents for the holidays, walk dogs, baby-sit, help plan an event, provide lawn care services, etc. The list of ways for kids to make money is far-reaching.

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