Viper SmartStart Cell Phone App Gets Drivers Going

App lets you start car remotely

Viper SmartStart app transforms your iPhone into your car keys. Image from Wikimedia.

Viper SmartStart app transforms your iPhone into your car keys. Image from Wikimedia.

The Viper SmartStart is a new smartphone application that lets you start, lock, unlock and turn on your car’s alarm system from far away. The app is available on iPhone and iPod touch. Though users can download the app and use it for a year for free, it only works if you have a Viper alarm system in your car, hence the name Viper SmartStart. Using the Viper SmartStart service also costs $30 per year after the first year.

Viper alarm systems cost $500 for a hardwired version or $300 for a modular version. The Viper SmartStart app can also operate as a panic button to set off your car alarm, and it can unlock your hatch or trunk as well as the doors.

Viper SmartStart business plan

I am not sure whether the Viper SmartStart phone app will convince people to get fast cash loans and buy a $500 alarm system so they can remotely start their cars. However, I am certain that people who already own both an iPhone and a Viper car alarm will download the free Viper SmartStart app.

Reports say the Viper SmartStart lets you use all the controls available through the app from basically an unlimited distance. Just remember, if you start your car up when you’re far away from it, make sure the doors are locked. I imagine this little app will really come in handy for people who like to have their cars warmed up in the winter before they get in them in the morning. And, of course, when summer brings the heat back, users can cool their cars off in advance as well.

Comparatively speaking

Most cars nowadays come with remote start and locking capabilities, but the biggest difference between a regular remote start feature and the Viper SmartStart app is the range at which it works. A YouTube ad for the Viper SmartStart says the range is virtually unlimited.

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