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Soon BlackBerry users will have another option. Image from Flickr.

Soon BlackBerry users will have another option. Image from Flickr.

Verizon products have gotten a lot of attention lately, as the controversial Droid commercials directly target the iPhone. Now, people are paying attention to the new BlackBerry model, the Storm2. You can purchase the phone at starting Wednesday and download the latest enhancements for all versions of the BlackBerry.

Reuters reports that the Storm2 has several new features, including a new, smoother design with chrome accents. Righ now is having a big sale on BlackBerrys, no doubt trying to unload as many of the old model as possible before rolling out the new one.

A pretty penny

People might have to take out pay day loans to get the BlackBerry Storm2, as the price is $279, but there is a $100 mail-in rebate. But make sure you’ll get your refund back in time to repay your loan. doesn’t have any information about the new model that comes out Wednesday. In fact, it doesn’t even mention there is a new product coming out.

It seems to me that it would be a good idea to allow people to pre-order the Storm2, but apparently that’s just not how Verizon wants to do business. Reuters reports the BlackBerry Storm2 has a whole host of updated features and new software options.

Storm2 versus Droid?

This week also promises to deliver another enhanced smartphone that will run on the Verizon network. The Droid, made by Motorola, has turned a lot of heads with it slogan “Everything iDont, Droid does,” a clear attack on the iPhone.

Many iPhone users are dubious that the Droid will be superior to the iPhone. However, some people who have never before wanted a smartphone are considering a Droid purchase, thanks to the fact that the Droid appears it will be more like having a small computer in your pocket that you can use to make phone calls. BlackBerry was the first to  make a solid name for itself in the world of smartphones, but who will be the next?

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