Verizon iPhone rumors spurred by Verizon LTE announcement


Rumors that Verizon will support an iPhone have once again surfaced. Image: gt9073a / Flickr / CC-BY-SA

Once again, rumors of a Verizon-network iPhone have been reported following Verizon’s announcement that it is developing faster new networks called LTE 4G networks. This time, it is the Wall Street Journal reporting that a Verizon iPhone is immanent. Verizon and Apple, though, have both made no comment. In other words, keep waiting.

Verizon iPhone as reported by WSJ

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to produce a CDMA network iPhone by “early next year.” The sources quoted in this story are simply “people briefed by Apple.” These reports indicate that the phone could be released by Jan. 11 of 2011. This phone could be a part of or separate from the new fifth-generation iPhone that may be in development.

Verizon denies iPhone rumors

In a press conference at the CTIA conference, Verizon’s CEO deflected rumors. As with all other questions about an iPhone on Verizon network, he has said that he “can’t give you any insights.” The only unique thing about this Verizon response to iPhone rumors is that the Verizon CEO deflected to Apple. Should a Verizon or CDMA phone be developed for Apple, Apple would have to make that announcement. In short, nothing confirmed — for the thousandth time.

The Verizon LTE announcement

The Verizon iPhone rumors have been re-ignited by a real announcement from the company. Verizon will be rolling out LTE 4G networks in 38 cities and several airports. These faster networks will support tablets and smartphones that are due to be released in early 2011. It is very possible that the next iPhone will work on 4G technology, which is where most of the speculation comes from. It is true that there may eventually be a Verizon iPhone, but it is not yet confirmed by either company.


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