Another UFO China incident closes airport


A new UFO China story has emerged, as an unknown object shut down an airport in Inner Mongolia. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

It seems that every so often, another “UFO China” story appears. This sighting took place over an airport. Airport security is a top priority for most nations. As a result of the unidentified flying object in China, an airport was closed. Though UFO sightings are often ignored in some cultures, others don’t dismiss them as easily. China has been a hotbed for UFO sightings over the past year.

UFO sighting in China closes airport

Though a “UFO China” headline may be getting close to repetitive, there is nothing old about the most recent. An unusual object was sighted in the skies over Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region populated by mostly Mongolians, though it’s part of the People’s Republic of China. An object which couldn’t be identified was seen near the airport. For over an hour, air traffic had to be delayed or rerouted. Lights were seen in the sky, moving erratically. The object was initially seen by a plane approaching the runway, according to ABC. After reporting the object to air traffic control, other flights were notified and planes were rerouted. Traffic controllers also claimed to spot an object on radar.

Frequent reports of a UFO in China

There have been numerous reports of a UFO over China in recent months. In July, Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou was closed down temporarily because of a UFO sighting. There are other reports from four other provinces in China of a UFO being sighted. However, some reports have been quashed as they have been connected to military activities, though it is not known how.

Unidentified is the key word

Just because an object is unidentified does not mean it has extra terrestrial origin. UFO reports have been common for years in areas close to military testing facilities, such as “Area 51” in Nevada.



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