TWLOHA | To Write Love On Her Arms tours for awareness


To Write Love On Her Arms encourages writing simple things on yourself or others as a way of showing hope. Image: Andrea Parrish / All Rights Reserved

In the face of a friend’s depression, addiction and suicide, it can be easy to feel helpless. The To Write Love On Her Arms campaign gives a way to help. TWLOHA is a non-profit movement that aims to present hope for those struggling by informing, inspiring and investing.

To Write Love On Her Arms aims to help

In 2006, Jamie Tworkowski had a friend who was rejected from a treatment center for depression and drug addiction. In order to help, Tworkowski wrote a story and started selling T-shirts with the phrase “To Write Love On Her Arms” in order to fund her treatment. The movement has taken off, and the non-profit asks those who want to help to start with the simple act of writing “love” on their arms.

The vision of TWLOHA

The main aim of the TWLOHA non-profit is, simply, to help. In order to build on this, To Write Love On Her Arms founders and campus groups are holding tours, speaking events, conferences and sales of “To Write Love On Her Arms” products. By keeping their vision very general – to help with suicide, depression, self-injury and addiction – they are able to reach out to a very wide swath of those needing help.

How to help To Write Love On Her Arms

The TWLOHA non-profit offers a dozen different ways to help, beyond simply writing “love” on your arms. The TWLOHA website outlines how you can start your own benefit/fundraiser or join their “street team.” They also have partnered with charity organizations SocialVibe, CharityChoice,, eBay Giving Works,, and Cars 4 Causes. In short, there are many, many ways to support To Write Love On Her Arms, but it all starts with the simple act of believing that yes, it can get better.

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