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Toilet paper rolls may soon be an artifact. Image: Flickr / derekgavey / CC-BY

The toilet paper market is not one that sees much innovation. However, Scott brand toilet paper has come up with a new development that promises to save trash and space. Tubeless toilet paper is going on the market in the Northeast, soon to be expanded.

The current toilet paper market

The “modern” toilet paper market was first developed in 1857. By 1883, toilet paper and dispensers were first patented in the United States. The United States toilet paper market is worth about $3.5 billion each year. Currently, the “premium” toilet papers are losing market share to “economy” brands. At the same time, only about 2 percent of toilet paper in the United States is made from recycled fiber.

Tubeless toilet paper

Kimberly-Clark, the parent company of Scott, has come up with a development it hopes will “revolutionize” the toilet paper market. Tubeless toilet paper will be released as a part of the “Scott Naturals” brand. With a toilet paper that uses some recycled fibers rolled without a tube, the company hopes to reduce waste. According to Kimberly-Clark, there are about 17 billion toilet paper tubes produced annually, most of which are not recycled. Those tubes account for 160 million pounds of trash. This tubeless toilet paper aims to reduce this trash and be just that much more friendly to the environment.

Rolling out the tubeless

The tubeless toilet paper offered by Scott will first be introduced in the Northeast. Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores will be the first stores to carry the product. If it goes well, Scott will aim for a national roll-out of the tubeless toilet paper. The “revolutionary winding process” creates the tubeless roll — the real question is whether families will be willing to make the switch. If you don’t plan on making the switch, just remember to throw that cardboard in the recycling bin, not into the trash.

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