TSA agents arrested at JFK, accused of stealing $160,000

JFK airport

Two TSA employees at the JFK airport have been arrested for stealing more than $160,000 from luggage. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Two TSA agents were arrested at JFK airport this morning. The two Transportation Security Administration screeners are accused of stealing more than $160,000 worth of cash and items from airline luggage. The two were discovered after $39,000 was stolen from one bag at JFK.

TSA agents arrested at JFK

Davon Webb, 30, and Couman Perad, 36, were arrested today at JFK airport. The two men were charged with grand larceny, possession of stolen property and official misconduct. Webb and Perad were also officially fired by the Transportation Security Administration, which cited its “zero-tolerance policy” toward theft in the workplace. Both of the screeners admitted to their crimes when they were arrested.

$160,000 stolen from passengers

Webb and Perad first showed up on the radar of the TSA and Port Authority Police on Jan. 30. A passenger who was flying from JFK to Argentina found $39,000 missing from his bags. Webb and Perad worked in tandem, with one notifying the other whenever he saw cash in bags that were going through the X-ray scanner. The second screener would identify those bags for private screening in a separate room, where he would steal the money. The money was found by Port Authority police in one of the screener’s homes.

Other problems facing the TSA

The arrest of Webb and Perad is just the latest difficulty the TSA faces with allegations of misconduct. Just two days ago, on Monday, two other TSA employees admitted stealing thousands of dollars from baggage run through the Newark Liberty Airport in Newark, N.J. The TSA calls these “isolated incidents of misconduct.” The TSA is still facing heavy questions of its use of full-body scanners; all the while security holes at airports around the country are being highlighted. In short, the Transportation Security Administration is facing tough challenges from both the inside and outside the agency.


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