Top 10 Ways to Raise Money for a Wedding

1. Help the environment

Image from Wikipedia Commons.

Most Top 10 lists go end with the “best” of what the list is about, but I am going to start with the best idea I’ve heard for how to save money for a wedding: recycling aluminum. A friend of mine is doing just that through a project she calls Wedding Cans. It might sound odd, but a month into her project, it’s international news. Check out the Wedding Cans journal for a full report on the media madness.

2. Corporate sponsorship

This is another sort of strange idea that I came across on Wise Bread. Sure, it could be seen as “selling out” and turning something that some people consider “sacred” into a commercial, but who are we kidding here? Weddings, like Christmas, have become ultimately focused on material elements. If you agree to have corporate logos or feature products at your wedding, you can avoid having to pay back personal loan companies.

3. Take a dare

One pretty bizarre idea that I saw on Romance Fire is to “take a video of yourself conquering a known fear if the price is right.” Yes, in the grand tradition of “Fear Factor” and “Jackass,” one groom suggests you harness the power of mortification.

4. Use your registry

Worst-Case Scenarios suggests that instead of registering for gifts that you will use after the wedding, register for ceremony components such as a limousine service, floral arrangements, food and beverages.

5. Sell stuff

Of course, there are numerous tip lists out there that suggest you sell your stuff, either online, at a yard sale or some other way. Maybe you could hold an auction.

6. Just ask

Another very popular idea out there is that you should start a web site or a group on a social network and simply ask for people to donate to your wedding.

7. Have everybody pitch in

Similar to the registry idea, which has people helping pay for the wedding instead of just buying gifts, you can ask certain people, close friends and family members, to pay for one thing. For instance, someone could pay for the cake, another person could fund wedding favors. You can pick everything yourself and just ask a certain person to fund it as a gift.

8. Vacation home instead of wedding hall

This doesn’t raise money, it saves money, but it’s a really good idea, so I’m including it anyway. Wedding reception halls can cost thousands of dollars per hour to rent. Check for nearby vacation home rentals and hold the reception in a beautiful house or yard. You can rent these places for days and still spend less than a few hours at a hall.

9. A little help from your friends

This raising money for a wedding idea isn’t directed at the bride and groom, but rather at the wedding party and the couple’s friends. A common custom in some places is to hold a “Jack and Jill,” which is a big party in honor of the bride and groom, and charge $5 or so to get in. Then, the money is given to the couple.

10. Planning ahead

Pretty much every site I’ve gone to suggests that you plan ahead and save money in advance. They also suggest that you could get a second job or offer some sort of service and save the money you make. To that I say, “duh,” but because it is the most common piece of advice out there, I figured I had to include it.

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