Know the top 10 secrets of liars – conclusion

More behind-the-back finger crossing. Do you think this financial advisor is actually telling the truth, or trying to sell you a bill of goods?

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Taking care of your money is vital during a recession, so don’t be taken by the top 10 secrets of effective liars, no matter where said liars roam. If you missed items 1-4 of the top 10 secrets of effective liars, CLICK HERE.

More of the top 10 secrets of effective liars

5. Good liars keep track of details

One of the top 10 secrets of effective liars is that lying on a large scale is essentially a full-time job. A good liar must be consistent with all clients, which is easier said than done. If you’re approached with an offer that seems too good to be true, try to find out what previous clients have to say about the program or opportunity. If the potential con is resistant to the idea and tries to speed you along, steer clear of what he’s selling.

6. Good liars are focused

Specifically, they focus on making the process of lying pleasant rather than repulsive. Deception is a game the best liars enjoy, which masks many of the tell-tale facial micro signals. As you continue to question the potential con on a key point of the presentation, watch their facial expressions. If they appear relieved when you change the subject, this could be a sign that things aren’t as they appear. Don’t sign anything committing your money!

7. Good liars don’t fidget

This refers to the micro signs – breaking eye contact, touching the nose, shifting in the seat or appearing otherwise nervous – and the best liars work hard to filter out such noise in their delivery. Try turning up the pressure with your questions by gradually varying the speed and volume of your voice. It may help you catch the potential con off balance.

8. Good liars also turn up the pressure

If the potential con attempts to strong-arm you into signing an agreement that seems to promise more than it can deliver, you should be wary. Using techniques that pray overtly upon emotion and desire is a classic path used by manipulators. If you feel abnormally excited by the potential con’s presentation, question whether you should be signing on.

9. Good liars will counterattack

If you question the honesty or sincerity of potential cons and they counterattack in an overly aggressive manner, it could be a tactic designed to drive you away from the hidden truth. Each time you go on the offensive against them, they must marshal their energies to maintain the lie.

10. Good liars are good at bargaining

Anything liars can do to soften the blow against them – or perhaps even deflect blame – is psychological bargaining. Smooth talking is intended to reduce anger and get the mark’s emotions under control. Liars who can do this with ease are truly dangerous. They’ll minimize their potential losses, so do your best to minimize yours.

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