Tinley Park home invasion launches manhunt in Chicago suburb

Chicago Police cruiser

A Tinley Park home invasion has resulted in injured victims, locked down schools and spurred a manhunt in this Chicago suburb. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

A Tinley Park home invasion has spurred a manhunt by Chicago police after intruders broke into a convenience store owner’s home looking for fast cash early Wednesday morning. Schools in Tinley Park, a southwest Chicago suburb, are under a “soft lockdown” while Tinley Park police continue to search for suspects. Two residents of the home were taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Two suspects have been apprehended and police say they are searching for perhaps four more.

Tinley Park home invasion injures home owner

The Tinley Park home invasion occurred about 4 a.m., when an estimated six intruders looking for an easy pay day broke down the front door of the home of Abbas Darwish in the 9100 block of Basswood Drive. The Chicago Tribune reports that a boy called police to say someone was in the house with a gun. The boy hid out of sight and stayed on the line while the intruders assaulted Darwish, breaking his nose and cracking some ribs, according to a statement Darwish’s son made to the Chicago Tribune.

Tinley Park police thwart robbery in progress

When the police arrived, the intruders abandoned their play for extra cash and dove through windows and doors to escape. One male was caught as he tried to enter a vehicle near the scene. Another was caught during the Tinley Park manhunt some distance from the crime a few hours later. The Tribune reports that the suspects are described as male African-Americans. Two are described as 5-foot-7 with a medium build and short dark hair. Both were wearing long black T-shirts, black vests and pants. One wore a Yankees baseball hat and the other was carrying a gun.

Tinley Park Manhunt continued Wednesday

Darwish has owned Dia Food and Liquor, a community business named after his son, for almost 20 years, according to a family friend. Darwish owns seven retail outlets on the block. He operates out of one and leases the others. A motive in the home invasion was not known and the Tinley Park manhunt continued Wednesday afternoon. Neighbors told reporters that it was “dumb luck” that Darwish was victimized by “the same little thugs that hang around here every day.”

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