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Thanksgiving recipes for kids don't have to be relegated to the kid's table. Image: Flickr / cookylida / CC-BY

Thanksgiving Day can be a big production that brings family together. With a serious lack of Thanksgiving recipes for kids, though, getting the whole family involved can feel tough. There are Thanksgiving recipes for kids of all ages that you can use to get them involved and interested — and keep everyone happy.

Thanksgiving recipes for kids – what to make

You could use Thanksgiving recipes for kids that call for making something just for kids to eat. It is better, though, to actually involve kids in making something that everyone can enjoy. The problem is that most “classic” Thanksgiving recipes involve pots of boiling water, hot ovens and otherwise generally dangerous situations for kids. Keep in mind, though, that there are plenty of places that you can easily integrate Thanksgiving recipes for kids into your meal.

Thanksgiving drink recipe for kids

One of the easiest ways to integrate Thanksgiving recipes for kids is with the drinks. Even kids as young as four or five can pour together or mix non-alcoholic drinks that everyone can enjoy. Before your Thanksgiving party, have an adult mix together two cans of limeade concentrate with an 8 ounce bag of frozen strawberries in the blender. Re-freeze the mixture in two smaller containers. Come Thanksgiving Day, give kids the responsibility of using a potato masher to mix one container of the drink concentrate with 1 liter of carbonated water or lemon-lime soda to create a fancy strawberry lime slush punch.

Thanksgiving recipes for kids – cranberry relish

For older kids that can use a blender or a food processor, cranberry relish is a great Thanksgiving recipe for kids. Mix two cups of raw cranberries with 1/2 cup orange juice, the fruit of one orange, 1 teaspoon vanilla and 3/4 cup sugar, honey, agave nectar or other sweetener. Blend the mixture well in a food processor or blender. If the mixture is too thick, thin with more orange juice.

Using kids’ help on Thanksgiving

Whatever Thanksgiving recipes for kids you choose, remember that letting kids’ help make your classic meal better is infinitely more productive than dealing with an extra dish. Even the youngest of kids can help mash potatoes or fill water glasses on the table. Don’t relegate kids’ cooking to the kids’ table alone this year.

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