Terror alerts may only be terror hysteria

Dollar Bill

Is the "terror hysteria" another Freemason conspiracy like the dollar bill? Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Whenever a possible problem or threat emerges, people can panic, and these days it can be labeled as “terror hysteria.” Some people believe concern over terrorists can be equitable with the “Red Scare” of the middle 20th century. It is certainly plausible. A recent article on the network of websites maintained by talk show host Alex Jones certainly puts the idea forward.The post, also referred to as “October Surprise,” hit the Web and has begun a sensation.

Terror hysteria

Recent advisories were issued, dubbed a terror alert, by the American, British and Japanese governments. The alerts, which are travel advisories for citizens to be cautious in Europe, came on the heels of the capture of Ahmed Sidiqi. Sidiqi is a German citizen, born in Algeria. Sidiqi was captured while he was assisting in jihadist operations against coalition forces in Afghanistan, and might be connected to a possible plot by Al Qaeda to conduct terror operations in Europe. Not long after the news concerning Sidiqi broke out, a post went up on Prison Planet and Info Wars entitled “October Surprise: Terror Hysteria Recycled in Election Ploy.”

October surprise

The post purports that the advisories are part of a ploy to stir the pot ahead of elections. The author was Paul Joseph Watson, a regular contributor to websites affiliated with Alex Jones. The article alleges that the stunt was to scare people into looking toward Big Brother government. The ultimate goal in mind is to garner votes for Democratic candidates so that Tea Party candidates like Sharron Angle and Rand Paul wouldn’t be elected.

New Red Scare

The “Red Scare” was a phenomenon of the middle 20th century. Government officials and celebrities ranted and raved about the communist threat in our midst, which never had much evidence behind it. Fear of terrorist actions could easily be manipulated for the same purpose. However, the German government doesn’t believe there is any real threat. Also, according to CNN, airline ticket sales haven’t suffered at all since the alert.


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