Target Offers a Chance to Stock Up and Save

More Opportunity to Stock Up and Save

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If you have been hit hard by the current economy and are feeling even more of a post-holiday crunch than in previous years, there may be some relief available. While there are many frivolous extras that we can live without to keep a tighter rein on finances, there are some staple items that just cannot be cut. A Reuters article is reporting that retail giant Target is setting up to sell bulk packages of many household items to help lure customers back from warehouse type stores and help consumers save money on essentials. Billed as “The Great Save Event”, Target is hoping to capitalize on the popularity of buying in bulk.

What will be Offered?

The retailer will offer warehouse packs in 1740 of its stores over the next seven weeks. Each of the participating locations will transform their seasonal section into a bulk purchase area that will offer customers the opportunity to buy necessities in larger quantities. Much like other warehouse club stores, Target will offer bulk packages of many commons items like toilet paper, paper towel, t-shirts, bottled water, etc. They will also include discounted prices on some other non-bulk products, such as designer apparel, bedding, movies, books, toys, beauty and more.

The Advantage for You

Some people may be wondering why they would alter their current warehouse shopping to buy at Target instead. If you are currently a Target customer you will now have the option of stocking up on household necessities at a reduced price and will save yourself the trip of going to a warehouse store as well. Unlike warehouse club stores where you must be a member to shop, Target will make its mass packaged items available to all shoppers without any additional fee.

Changing with the Times

In previous years Target has offered other after holiday promotions on more unique items to try to bring in more shoppers. This year the retailer appears to recognize that most consumers are unwilling to part with their hard earned money for anything more than the essentials. They know that many shoppers are turning to bulk buying in an attempt to save even more, so they must offer these same items in order to compete. In recent months Target has adjusted its focus to be more in line with competitors; the message has been shifted from being stylish to being economical. They are becoming aware that Americans are most concerned with getting by, for the time being.

Get in and Stock Up Now

Unfortunately, like all good things, this event will come to an end. If you are planning on taking advantage of Target’s big deals you can start anytime and can continue to do so until February 21. Depending on the success of the sale, the retailer may consider including some of these new offerings in their regular stock once the event is over. So if bulk buying at Target sounds appealing to you it would be to your advantage to start shopping right away and tell as many of your friends as you can think of too. If you are not near a Target store or your location is not offering the special items, you can still take advantage of the savings online. They have also included some extra “treasures” for their online shoppers.

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