Target $3 Appliances | Black Friday Chaos to Ensue

Target Black Friday ad says $3 appliances

Image from Flickr.

Image from Flickr.

Black Friday. I understand why people head to the stores in droves when retailers advertise great in-store deals for Black Friday. What I don’t understand is why stores do this, especially in the case of Target’s $3 appliances, which are being publicized in the Target Black Friday ad.

Target $3 appliances, rumor has it, include toasters, coffee makers, sandwich makers and slow cookers to name  a few. Furthermore, I read that the $3 Target appliances are made by Chefmate, so they’re not low quality. With deals like this, taking out cheap payday loans to be able to take advantage of Black Friday sales might end up saving you money. Unfortunately it appears you must go to a Target store and deal with the craziness to take advantage of the sale; you can’t buy Target $3 appliances on the Internet.

More deals in Target Black Friday ad

Besides Target $3 appliances, the Target Black Friday ad also says it will give a $10 gift certificate for every $100 you spend between 5 a.m. (5 a.m.!?) and noon. There will be toys and board games on sale for $10. Some clothing will be marked down to 50 percent off.

There are also deals on more expensive things, such as a GPS and a couple of high-definition televisions. Though these items are in the $90 to $500 range, they are deeply discounted from their regular prices.

A Black Friday mystery

As several other members of the blogosphere have pointed out, Target $3 appliances are not going to make the store any money. As far as I can tell, the only thing  Target$3 appliances will do is create total mayhem in Target stores. So my question is, why do stores to this to themselves on Black Friday?

Target no doubt is hoping people will come in for the $3 appliances and buy stuff that the store will actually profit from. But for the life of me I can’t understand why stores create these scenarios where there will be total chaos for a few hours or a day. Why make Black Friday a circus? Why not stretch the sale out?

I’ll be home for Christmas shopping

I thought the Internet would end the Black Friday mayhem as people found online sales and took solace in the fact that they could shop from the quiet comfort of their own homes. It appears that stores like Target are making sure people have to come into the stores and deal with the madness of Black Friday.

But the store has to deal with the Black Friday madness, too. Are retailers really making so much money on Black Friday that they are inclined to keep doing this to themselves year after year? I am aware that Black Friday is a huge money-making day for stores, hence the name, but I wonder what would happen if they just let the sales go on for a little longer so every bargain hunter doesn’t converge on the store at the same time.

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