Taco Bell launches ad campaign striking back at beef lawsuit

Ground Beef

Taco Bell has launched a counteroffensive ad campaign against the lawsuit over the beef content of Taco Bell tacos. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

After a lawsuit was filed against restaurant chain Taco Bell, the company has launched a retaliatory ad campaign. The company is being sued over the beef content of its ground beef mixture. Taco Bell responded with a full page ad in major newspapers denouncing the claims.

Taco Bell responds with ‘Thank you for suing us’

A lawsuit was recently filed in federal court, claiming Taco Bell fraudulently advertised food that the Mexican-cuisine-inspired fast food chain as beef. The Taco Bell corporation has fired back with a broadside in major newspapers, in an open-letter style ad bearing the caption “Thank you for suing us, ” according to CNN. The ad directly references the controversy, and says that if the company only used ground beef, it would taste boring and thus would not “make for great-tasting tacos.” The real mixture, according to the Taco Bell ad, is 88 percent ground beef and 12 percent other “secret ingredients.” The company maintains it uses 3 percent water and adds oats, yeast and caramelized sugar to improve taste.

Lawsuit the taco the town

The lawsuit over the actual beef content in the beef mixture on the Taco Bell menu was filed in California, by the Alabama-based law firm Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles. Testing done by the firm revealed that the beef mixture contained only 35 percent beef, and thus fails to qualify as beef under U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines of what can be advertised as “beef.” The testing methods and facility have not been disclosed, according to MSN.

Holy Molé

False advertising usually is under the regulation of the Federal Trade Commission. However, oat product is used in ground beef mixtures sold in grocery stores and other fast food chains. Parent company of Taco Bell, Yum Brands Inc., has been quiet on the matter, though Taco Bell executive Greg Creed called the accusations “ludicrous” and is reportedly looking into pursuing a countersuit.




Taco Bell “Thank You for Suing Us” ad at Eater.com

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