T-Mobile free phone | All phones free on June 19

T-Mobile Free Phone

T-Mobile is offering a free phone promotion on June 19, and it reportedly includes Android phones. Image from Flickr.

The rumor mill is running high speed about the possibility of a T-Mobile free phone on June 19. The cell phone company has been gearing up for a big sale for the last few weeks, but what exactly the promotion might be has been kept quiet. A leaked commercial script and other indications seem to say that the sale will be a T-Mobile free phone. The T-Mobile free phone comes with a few caveats, however.

T-Mobile free phone promotion

The T-Mobile free phone promotion seems to be set to go live on June 19. The script for the commercial was obtained by T-Mobile gossip site TMONews. The T-Mobile commercial script seems entirely legitimate and highlights the T-Mobile free phone promotion. Basically, the commercial script says any phone in the store is free with a family plan. Supporting evidence includes that all T-Mobile stores have been informed they will be opening two hours early on July 19 in preparation for a “promotion” with “details to be provided soon.”

The details of the T-Mobile free phone sale

The T-Mobile free phone sale offers every phone in the store for free. T-Mobile free phones are not being handed out entirely without caveat, though. The T-Mobile free phone will be handed out when someone signs up for a family plan with T-Mobile. Anyone who “switches” to a family plan will get a T-Mobile free phone – including the Android smartphones that run apps developed for the platform. There is no word yet on whether individuals already on a family plan can upgrade their plans to get a free phone.

Cost comparison for the T-Mobile free phone sale

Getting a T-Mobile free phone on June 19 seems like a great idea. Currently, with-contract phone prices at T-Mobile run anywhere from free to $199.99. T-Mobile also has a monthly payment option for its most expensive phone — the HTC HD2 — and it is $62.50 per month. If you are already considering switching to a family plan, then the T-Mobile free phone sale could definitely save you a few hundred dollars. Keep in mind, however, that even the least expensive family-share plan on T-Mobile is $60 a month, and a family-share plan on T-Mobile that has smartphone data can be as expensive as $140 a month. T-Mobile, in general, has some of the least expensive cell phone plans available, though its coverage is not as extensive as other carriers. In short, if you are already looking to switch, then the T-Mobile free phone sale would be a great time to do so.



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