SUNY enacts greater protection for students against credit cards

Black Hole Quasar

Why should students strive so hard only to disappear into a black hole of debt? Image fom Wikimedia Commons.

There are many components to the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act, and one of the big items concerns aggressive marketing of credit cards to college students. College is an increasingly expensive undertaking, and many a student has wanted for debt relief upon graduation having to pay back the money lenders that helped finance their education as well as high credit card premiums. The State University of New York system, or SUNY, the state network of public universities that has 68 campuses, has decided to put barriers in place to help keep Joe and Jane college student and their credit scores out of harm’s way.

SUNY says no to marketing practices

According to CNN, SUNY has placed restrictions on marketing practices relating to credit cards on SUNY campuses. The action was spearheaded by Mario Cuomo, the State Attorney General. SUNY schools cannot provide information to credit card companies for the purpose of offering cards to students, without the written prior consent of students. Also, schools cannot receive any funds for doing so. Cuomo has recommended all universities in New York schools adopt the same reforms. Credit card company advertising on campus will also be monitored and controlled by the university.

Students uniquely susceptible

College students are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to credit card debt. Sallie Mae found that the average college student carries more than $4,000 in credit card debt upon graduation, on top of their unsecured loans to finance college. There are students that end up dropping out of college to pay off debt or go through lengthy loan modification in order to boost credit scores after graduation. Many employers check credit scores, and students that have had their credit score shot by cards have to put off their dream jobs even longer as a result.

The American Dream becoming a debt nightmare

The American Dream of going to college, getting a good job and making a start in this world is getting further out of reach for the middle class. It seems logical to address the spiraling cost of tuition.


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