Cash Advance & Payday Loan 90 Day Trend Report

Statistical Report on Payday Loans, Cash Advances, and Other Types Of Personal Loans

Woman and ManPersonal Money Store is not a lender itself. However, it does provide a free service that matches borrowers with lenders. This provides a unique look into the inner workings of the sub prime lending industry. There are a few reports below which may or may not mean anything to you. We will help you draw conclusions based on the lending statistical data below the graphs.

Locations Specifically Targeted By Personal Money Store

Chicago, Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Tampa, United Kingdom

City Populations That Actually Get started Online with Personal Money Store

90 Day History of Personal Money Store’s Trends

Payday Loan Cash Advance Industry Statistics on Funding Rate by Population

City Population for 2007 Courtesy of

Note: Sample data was drawn from 175,892 visitors from these 10 cities in the last ninety days. It should be noted that the majority of the visitors were to the financial news blog part of the site and not the section just for people who want a payday loan, a cash advance, or a cash loan near you.

Interesting Conclusions About Personal Money Store’s Trends

The people who visit Personal Money Store are not always from the locations that were specifically targeted. It just goes to show that you can’t always predict who your customers or clients will be. It is always wise to listen to statistical data to find out who really likes your business and who doesn’t and why.

New York Statistical Inferences

Almost 1% of New York City’s population has visited Personal Money Store in the last 90 days.

Of those who get started, New Yorkers are the most impatient and have a higher rate of leaving the site before completing a form. (Could just be hatin’ on our style though! 🙂 )

Compared to other cities whose visitors complete a form, New Yorkers have an average chance of getting their loan approved. This is significant because New York has very strict lending laws which many lenders shy away from.

Atlanta Loves Personal Money Store

Almost 3% of Atlanta’s population has visited in the last 90 days.

Visitors from Atlanta have the second highest percentage of getting a loan approved in the United States relative to population.

Not trivial is the fact that compared to other cities Atlanta has the second lowest application completion to application funded rate. That means there are a lot of people requesting who get denied. The reason for this is Georgia has very strict lending laws that prevent approvals. (Sorry to our friends in Georgia! 🙁 )

Houston Residents Love to Get started on Personal Money Store

Almost 1% of Houston’s population has visited in the last 90 days.

Texans from Houston seem more patient than New Yorkers and relative to population complete almost twice as many applications. Of the visitors who do not exit the site, people from Houston are almost 3 times more likely to request a payday loan or cash advance than New Yorkers. (Bigger is better and for us, the more applications the better! 🙂 )

Compared to the rest of the country, people in Houston have an average chance of getting approved for a loan.

Sub Prime Lenders Love Chicago

Chicago is about average on all statistics except the most important one. Consumers from Chicago have a higher than average chance of getting approved for a loan. (These statistics seem to defy job market statistics. )

Washington DC Residents and Lenders are a Match Made in a Pot of Gold

Close to 2% of DC Residents have visited in the last 90 days.

People in DC have less than average patience with Personal Money Store and leave the site before requesting. (Probably haten on our style also! 🙂 )

Out of all the residents in DC .03% have actually applied for a loan on Personal Money Store.

About .0065% of people from a computer located in Washington DC have been approved for a loan through Personal Money Store. That is the highest approval rate in the nation, based on relative population statistics.

Outstandingly, Washington DC residents who request a payday loan or cash advance have about a 21% chance of getting approved. That is an insane number that is higher than Phoenix and Los Angeles. (People from DC, we love you! 🙂 )

Statistics Can Be Fun

We have left out many conclusions that can be drawn from this data. We thought it would be fun to share this information and make a few jokes. We are not attempting to make any factual statements about the attitudes or values of any people in any city. We hope you have fun making your own judgments and conclusions. Feel free to make a statement below and join the conversation. (As long as you’re not a hater! 🙂 )