UPDATE: Stormy Daniels’ Senate Run Turns Deadly

Stormy Daniels for Senate – are you in?

Stormy Daniels

The fur's beginning to fly for Ms. Stormy (Photo: scrapetv.com)

Remember the story I ran a few months ago about adult film star Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) and her race to become a Senator from her home state of Louisiana? Ms. Daniels is sticking to the plan, despite some bizarre difficulties of late that make it seem like somebody has it in for her. Could it be her opponent, David Vitter? One wonders, but of course nothing has been proven as yet. If she needs a bit more money to stay strong in the race, cash advances and no fax payday loans are available here!

But she needs to dial it down a notch

The Associated Press reports at http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hyLJlwzURe_3jwj6ltFjyPW0TcRAD99OB45O0 that this has been a “tough week” for Stormy Daniels. Domestic violence and a car bomb have rocked her campaign. While she’s still “mulling” whether or not she’ll run, here’s one non-Louisianan who hopes that an adult film star will run against yet another hypocritical “family values” Republican. That’s what David Vitter is, despite the fact that he was involved in a Washington DC call girl sting. At least Daniels is forthright and honest in her dealings. America has had enough of liars and hypocrites in office. If I were to discover that Vitter was also a member of C Street House, my image of him would be complete.

But I mentioned her dialing it down a notch.

Yes, this is true. Apparently she was arrested in Tampa, Florida (where she shares a home with her husband; she’ll re-establish Louisiana residency if she decides to run for Senate). She was charged with domestic violence battery after she allegedly struck her husband during an argument over laundry and unpaid bills. Daniels’ husband Michael Mosny reported that Stormy struck him “several times,” a potted plant was thrown, their wedding album was hurled to the floor and candles were knocked off the coffee table. However, nobody was injured.

And her political adviser nearly died

Here’s where things get even uglier, like “something out of ‘The Sopranos,'” says Prof. Ed Chervenak of the University of New Orleans. Stormy Daniels’ political adviser in Louisiana, Brian Welsh, lost his 1996 Audi on July 23. It was parked outside his apartment in downtown New Orleans, and it blew up. See the video below, taken from a nearby security camera. According to Welsh, moments before the car exploded, the video showed a person in a white shirt hanging around near his car.

Luckily, no one was hurt, although Welsh and his wife were walking their dog nearby when it happened. New Orleans police and the FBI have not commented on the incident publicly yet. No suspects are known, but the intent to harm seems plausible. Welsh welcomes more information on what happened.

“Clearly, if someone tried to blow up my car, it’s cause for concern; it’s not cause for me to stop doing my job, stop me from talking about the things that are important,” Welsh said. “If anybody had been walking by when that car blew up, they would have been seriously injured or killed.”

How Stormy Daniels is qualified for the job

New Orleans politics? (Photo: javno.com)

Will the arrest derail Daniels from the campaign trail? From all reports, she has a “can do” attitude, so I believe she’ll motor on with her current listening tour. From campaign Web sites like Draft Stormy (draftstormy.com) and Team Stormy (teamstormy.com), here is Daniels’ philosophy on the political change Louisiana residents need, as well as how she’ll help bring that change to light:

Real world experience and special understanding of the economic hardships facing Louisianans and Americans make her uniquely qualified to take on the tough challenges we face.

Our grass-roots movement spans the political spectrum and champions Stormy’s philosophy of personal responsibility and the promotion of individual enterprise. We eschew partisanship and labels, instead judging our leaders on their integrity, character and effectiveness.

Keep your head on a swivel and stay alert, Stormy

There may be a Senate seat in your future. I’d love to see certain conservatives turn colors if you win. Keep family matters under control and continue to go after corruption in your home state, a place that still needs a lot of help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Cash advances and no fax payday loans are available if you need a shot of campaign funds between films.

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