Stashitwear foils pickpockets, but pleases drug dealers

A two-woman pickpocket team working over one rube of a dude.

If only he'd hidden it in his Stashitwear, these ladies wouldn't be so lucky. (Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

If you live or have ever traveled in countries where petty theft is conducted openly on busy streets, you know it’s important to take protective measures against pickpockets. Travel belts are available to protect your money and identification, but they’re often uncomfortable, unfashionable and just scream “tourist.” Stashitwear, on the other hand, provides security, secrecy and (allegedly) comfort. The hidden-compartment underwear is so convenient, in fact, that law enforcement is worried that drug traffickers will start ordering the secret drawers in bulk.

Stashitwear being used to conceal drugs, weapons

The Wall Street Journal reports that New York police have discovered that drug dealers are now using Stashitwear to conceal small amounts of narcotics and small caliber firearms. More thorough searches of suspects are required, said Police Capt. Vincent Patti of Brooklyn, N.Y. Stashitwear owner Phillip Scott, 55, told the WSJ that none of his customers gave “even a hint at illegal activity for their purchases.”

However, Patti doesn’t buy Scott’s excuse.

“A lot of drugs or a small .38 or .22 caliber handgun… They’re not advertising these things for drug dealers but they have to know they’re going to be used by some people who break the law.”

Stash it in style

Florida-based Stashitwear and similar secret-compartment underwear companies offer styles ranging from briefs and boxers to thongs. One pair sells for $14, although wholesale purchases can reduce that price considerably, says Scott. The secret pocket is accessible through a six- to eight-inch opening in the waistband, and the pocket itself can be 12 inches deep, depending upon the size of the garment.

The pocket runs from front to back, which means, according to Stashitwear, that this “basically makes your whole crotch area a secret place for your valuables.”

Scott has changed the Stashitwear website

In an effort to reflect his personality, Scott’s photo on the Stashitwear website used to be one of him in back country attire. Since the Wall Street Journal contacted him following NYPD concern over the product, Scott put on sunglasses and business dress clothes for a new photo. Thankfully, the hidden compartment underwear remains the same.


Wall Street Journal

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