Starbucks Happy Hour | Half price frappuccinos

Green Tea Frappuccino from Starbucks Happy Hour

At Starbucks Happy Hour, you can get a Frappuccino at half-price. Image from Terry Johnston.

Today, Starbucks began a 10-day blitz, perfectly timed for the arrival of warmer weather — the Starbucks Happy Hour. Starbucks Happy Hour, from 3 to 5 p.m. every day from May 7 to May 16, celebrates the “new” Frappuccino blended drink: build your own frappuccino. At half-price, you won’t need a personal loan to enjoy these drinks — just an idea for a frappuccino flavor. So what kind of Frappuccino are you going to blend up this Starbucks Happy Hour?

Starbucks Happy Hour and blended Frappuccinos

First of all, there are two different types of a frappuccino – only one of which is on sale during Starbucks Happy Hour. Bottled frappuccinos, which you can get at just about any gas station, aren’t going to be included. Blended frappuccino drinks, though, are included. So if you’re looking for an icy, sweet milkshake of a Starbucks happy hour treat, you’re in luck.

Make your own Starbucks Happy Hour

The point of Starbucks Happy Hour is to get you to try the new “build-your-own” frappuccino. Rather than the pre-blended drink flavors that were available at most Starbucks, these new drinks are billed as “entirely customizable.” Starbucks is doing this to introduce its newest product, which comes after a spate of trimming down offerings to help streamline operations. That move helped the company’s stock price maintain decent value over the last few months. Do you want to try a soy vanilla-green tea frapp with chocolate chips? You’ve got it. How about a strawberry vanilla bean frapp? You’ve got it – and Starbucks hopes you’ll keep getting it.

Your choices for the build-your-own

Building your own Starbucks Happy Hour frappuccino means you now have as many decisions to make about your frappuccino as you do about your morning coffee. So let’s break down what your Starbucks Happy Hour frappuccino drink options are. First, size. The standard tall, grande and venti sizes get started here. Second, flavor scoops. You can get from 1 to 8 scoops of flavor or even combine flavors. Next, coffee – as many caffeinated shots as you’re willing to pay for. Milk includes the standard nonfat, whole, 2 percent or soy options. Toppings can be whipped cream, caramel, chocolate, or just about anything else Starbucks has on hand. In short, order your frapp just like you do your normal coffee – as complicated or simple as you would like. Either way, the half-price Starbucks Happy Hour means you’ll have 10 days to find your perfect customized cold drink.

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