Sporkle versus Sporcle | Entertainment website showdown

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If you're looking for a pop quiz fix, should you visit Sporkle or Sporcle? Image from Flickr.

So, you’re looking for somewhere online to spend some time – so should you be spending that time on Sporkle or Sporcle? Yes, Sporkle and Sporcle are different websites, and while they will both very effectively eat up time, they are far from the same. While you’re waiting a few minutes for your online payday loans application to go through, which one should you visit? Sporkle offers free games for web play and downloading. Sporcle, on the other hand, is quiz central.

Sporkle online games

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Sporkle is a “one stop online entertainment service.” The Sporkle website has addicting games like SugarRush and Mad Lab Cow as well as familiar-looking games such as the Tetris-like “Tris.” Several multiplayer games allow you to compete with others. Sporkle also offers two downloadable games that can be played online or offline. Finally, Sporkle has “Drawback,” an online drawing and painting program where anyone can save drawings and send them to someone else. In short, Sporkle lets you play games and draw things – all for free. Owned by Space Time Foam, a company that was founded in April of 2008, Sporkle serves as the portfolio and front for game-development and web site development services.

Sporcle online quizzes

In contrast to Sporkle, Sporcle is a trivia and quiz website that has been around since July of 2007. Sporcle gives users a set time limit and a set of questions to answer – your basic quiz-show format. With 15 categories and more than 3,000 quizzes, Sporcle is very popular among trivia lovers and students. Unlike Sporkle, Sporcle is available as a standalone iPhone app. Sporcle also allows users to create their own quizzes – although they are edited by the Sporcle crew.

Sporkle or Sporcle?

So which site should you use – Sporkle or Sporcle? The answer really depends on what type of time-eating entertainment you are looking for. After extensive testing while waiting on several hours of hold for mortgage loan restructuring, the only definite answer I am able to provide is, well, both. Despite their all-too-similar sounding names, Sporkle and Sporcle are two entirely different websites, but both have a home on my bookmarks list.

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