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The “Pay Only For Real Customers” Network

New Spokane Washington company enters Spokane market for website design, internet marketing, lead generation, search engine optimization and video production services (see location: Spokane Website Design).

Adworkz is primarily an affiliate advertising network that connects advertisers through an affiliate system with publishers. This is a cost per acquisition (CPA) network which also provides design and marketing services to the public but with a favorable eye on network clients.

Translation for normal people:

Adworkz is a place where companies can go and put ads up and only pay if a real person clicks that ad and also becomes an actual customer.

Businesses who advertise on the Adworkz affiliate network currently have no upfront cost to join and do not have to pay per click or impression.

For a limited time it is like giving free candy to a kid for businesses who get signed up now before the set up fees kick in later on.

Adworkz has the following services:

Adworkz is an interesting type of affiliate advertising network. The main thing that gives it an advantage over other networks is the fact that it has its own network of lead generation properties. This allows them to test and find out what tools advertisers and affiliates need in order to make the most revenue. It will be interesting to watch this local Spokane company as it rises to the top in the world of interent entrepreneurship.

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