Southwest Airlines Sale | No Dates Near Christmas

Not so fast to Southwest Airlines sale

Image from Flickr.

Image from Flickr.

Yes, Southwest Airlines is having a huge sale on plane tickets. Several round-trip tickets will cost only $50, $75 or $100 if you purchase tickets today through the end of the day Thursday. You can even get one-way tickets for as low as $25.

But wait! Before you head to Southwest Airlines web site to get a ticket, take heed: Blackout dates on these fares are Dec. 17 through Jan. 4. So if you’re looking to get tickets for Christmas, Channukah or New Year’s, you’re out of luck. I was really excited to see the Southwest Airlines sale prices because I wanted to fly somewhere for New Year’s, but then I was sorely disappointed.

Marketing strategy

Of course, Southwest Airlines decided to have this three-day sale during a time when a lot of people will already be looking for airline tickets. Being able to get a plane ticket for less than the minimum borrowing amount for most paydayloans is enticing, even if it’s for a different time period than what the person is looking for.

Because a lot of people are already looking for plane tickets, a lot more eyes will fall on the cheap airfare Southwest Airlines is offering. Of course, they’ll be disappointed, just like I was. However, the idea of getting to fly somewhere for $50 will no doubt have people inventing reasons to go, just as the web site suggests you should.

Still time to plan

The super cheap airfare applies to dates between Dec. 2 and Dec. 16. After the holidays are all over, you can get tickets for the sale prices for Jan. 5 through Feb. 10. So, though buyers have plenty of time to plan the agenda for their trips, they don’t have much time to decide where to go. Southwest Airlines stresses on the Fourth Quarter Sale page that these prices are available for 72 hours only.

January is a notoriously dead month for traveling, as people often like to stick close to home following all of the holiday hubub. However, people who live in snowy, icy climates and would like a little mid-winter sunshine should view this as a great opportunity.

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