My Solution to Narrow the Gap Between Haves and Have-Nots

To dream the impossible equation

George Clooney had the right idea when he dated a waitress. That could just be the way to end poverty.

George Clooney had the right idea when he dated a waitress. That could just be the way to end poverty.

A few days ago, as I was reading about one very wealthy person getting engaged to another very wealthy person, I came up with a solution to poverty. Unfortunately, it is a solution that only works mathematically, not realistically.

My idea is this: if rich people married poor people, the distribution of wealth would all even out. Of course, I am not saying that this should be mandated in any way, but it seems logical, doesn’t it. Unfortunately, it is not logical at all. But a girl can dream.

Running in different circles

Now, I must clarify that I am not advocating people should marry only for money, or for lack thereof. People should always marry for love. I am just saying that if the different “classes” of people intermingled a little more, there wouldn’t be so much poverty. If only people could turn to their significant others instead of personal loan companies, debt could be a thing of the past.

For instance, if Oprah were to magically fall in love with a homeless man, that would be one fewer person in the “poverty” category. Also, instead of growing her fortune by combing it with another rich person’s, Oprah would remain super wealthy and not become super-uber-mega wealthy.

Of course, real estate prices ensure that people of a certain income level are surrounded by their own kind. That’s the reason my grand scheme will never work. But there are other reasons, too.

Social stigma

In general, rich people and poor people tend to have different ideals. Rich people are often rich because they are willing to work at it. Some of them see poor people as lazy. Of course, these are pretty old-fashioned stereotypes.

Some people want to keep their incomes moderate to avoid becoming materialistic and the corruption they believe comes along with power. Some rich people simply don’t want to spend their money on supporting people who don’t make their own money. But, I think I have a solution to this.

Idea for online dating sites

Listen up, all of you entrepreneurs out there. I can see a cross-section out there of groups of people who might be interested in meeting each other. How about trust fund babies and lazy poor people? Match up the people who didn’t work for their money with people who just don’t want to work.

Then, of course, the inverse of that idea would be to match up people who worked hard for their money with hard workers who just couldn’t catch a break.

The tough thing about making this idea work is figuring out how to market it and orchestrate it so that you’d end up with the best results. But that’s for you to figure out. If you use my idea, though, you’d better give me a cut of your profits.

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