SNL TSA skit | More and more opting out of feeling up

The debate over the security procedures of the Transportation Security Administration is reaching fever pitch. The SNL TSA skit Saturday night brought even more attention to the issue, as well as some humor. The humor of the SNL TSA skit is hitting a little too close to home for some travelers, though.

SNL TSA skit

The Saturday Night Live skit about the Transportation Security Administration aired on Nov. 20. The skit mimics a late-night adult telephone line advertisement, with sexy women offering a “personal touch.” The Transportation Security Administration agents come as a surprise, but the point is clear –TSA agents are feeling up travelers so much that it feels dirty. Combined, the SNL TSA skit video has more than 1 million views on YouTube, with many more on the NBC website.

Increasing debate over TSA screenings

The debate over TSA screening procedures has been getting louder over the last few months. Since “enhanced screening procedures” were instituted, more and more travelers are complaining that their privacy is being violated. A wide variety of viral videos and stories have hit the internet, with everything from a small boy being patted down to a cancer survivor having to reveal her breast prosthetic, all just to get onto a flight. These pat-downs only happen if a traveler opts-out of advanced imaging body scans – but those come with privacy concerns, too.

National ‘opt-out’ day of TSA screenings

Pilot’s unions have encouraged members to speak out against these screenings, and a national “opt-out day” is being planned for Nov. 24. Though the SNL TSA skit puts a humorous spin on what many are calling assault, there are very real consequences for the 24 million travelers expected to fly over the next few days. If you are traveling, do you plan to opt-out of the enhanced screening procedures? Where do you think the line between safety and privacy should be drawn for air travelers?

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