Sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 | State of calamity extended


The Guatemala Sinkhole in 2010 opened up because of Tropical Storm Agatha. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

In downtown Guatemala City, a sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 has opened up. It’s 30 meters across, and the sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 swallowed a three-story building. This sinkhole was partially caused by Tropical Storm Agatha, which killed at least 115 people.

Sinkhole in Guatemala 2010

The sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 opened up on Monday evening. The sinkhole is 30 meters in diameter, 60 meters deep and is in downtown Guatemala City. A three-story building disappeared into the sinkhole. One person was killed when the Guatemala sinkhole opened up. This is the second major Guatemala sinkhole to open up in the last three years. In 2007, a similar sinkhole killed three people.

Guatemala sinkhole follows volcano eruption

The Guatemala sinkhole disaster follows a long string of disasters near Guatemala city. Four days previous, the volcano Pacaya erupted, prompting the original declaration of a “state of calamity.” Between Tropical Storm Agatha, the eruption of Pacaya and earthquakes, Guatemala City has been experiencing more than its fair share of disasters. The small nation has been encountering debt management issues, and these disasters are sure to add to the problem.

Official photos of the Guatemala Sinkhole 2010

Before the Guatemala Sinkhole 2010 news hit most international news services, photos were available. The official Guatemala government Flickr account included photos of the endless-seeming sinkhole. Many parts of Guatemala have been evacuated because of Pacaya and fallout from the tropical storm. The state of calamity that was declared last weekend will continue to extend emergency powers to the Guatemalan government for the next month.

Cause of Guatemala Sinkhole 2010

The Guatemala Sinkhole 2010 had at least two causes — Tropical Storm Agatha and bad drainage. A sinkhole is usually created when water runs through rock or support structures. The water slowly dissolves the rock, and eventually the weight above the area causes the area to drop out. In Guatemala City, the sinkhole was partially caused by bad drainage; the heavy water overwhelmed the underground support of the building.

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