Single Mothers Looking for Debt Relief

Some States are Better For Them Than Others

In a single-parent household where the mother is the parent, finding debt relief can be difficult. Certain states in this nation are more favorable than others. (Photo:

In a single-parent household where the mother is the parent, finding debt relief can be difficult. Certain states in this nation are more favorable than others. (Photo:

Single mothers are another part of society looking for debt relief. In today’s difficult economy, everyone is suffering but single mothers can have their own set of issues. Juggling employment, homes and children can be a daunting task even for two-parent households. For single mothers, it can be even harder. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 73 almost of single mothers are employed or actively pursuing employment.

A recent survey done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that some states are better at aiding single mothers. To gather their data, the agency looked at child care rankings, unemployment numbers, the wage gap, workplace flexibility and tax information guides. Here is a list of the top states on the list.


California is a highly esteemed state for single mothers. Workers get up to six weeks’ paid leave after a child is born. New Jersey is the only other state that offers that length of leave time. The federal government does not provide for time after birth and only eight percent of workers qualify through their employer. California also has one of the narrowest wage gaps between men and women. Nationwide, the wage gap averages at 77.5 percent, whereas in California it is 83.8 percent. Also, tax credits help single mothers afford daycare for children and reward companies for providing in-house daycare services to employees.

District of Columbia

The District of Columbia has the highest percentage of women in managerial and professional jobs. It also has a negligible wage gap as almost 94 percent of women earn as much as men. Mothers get paid maternity leave through their temporary disability insurance. An added bonus is that child care regulations are among the strictest in the U.S.


Florida is another state that caters to single mothers. Child care is top-rated and highly affordable. Florida is also one of the only states that requires in-house monitoring of all child care centers at least four times every year. The state is transparent in that they post all findings and inspections online. Debt relief is easily found in a state where the wage gap is about 80 percent, which is still above the national average. Florida’s cost for child care is average, making it affordable too.


Single mothers in Hawaii get paid maternity leave via the stated mandatory temporary disability insurance. The state is also petitioning to increase its paid family leave provisions, which would allow people paid time off for spousal and family illnesses. The state’s unemployment rate reached 3.6 percent, well below the national average which is expected to climb to 10 percent.


Child care is very strictly monitored in Massachusetts. Centers boast more spaces in daycares and schools than that are children in need. Women’s earning in the state tends to be higher than in the rest of the country. Almost 40 percent of women are in managerial or professional jobs. Despite the plusses, it’s noteworthy to understand that child care costs are highest in Massachusetts compared with other states.

Finding Debt Relief can be Easier

Finding debt relief can be difficult for single mothers, but the above states have special provisions that make it easier for them to manage. If single mothers are looking for employment, it may benefit them to look at California, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Florida. These states’ benefits may make raising their children – while maintaining full-time employment – a lot easier.

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