Silvio Berlusconi loses grand Villa Belvedere in divorce

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with his hands in the air and a smile on his face. He certainly isn't smiling about losing $105 million Villa Belvedere in his divorce settlement, though.

Silvio Berlusconi's possible reaction to his costly divorce from Veronica Lario. (Photo: Wikipedia)

As Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi well knows, divorce can be painful. Truly, it is it the ceremonial end of love, complete with all the bitter infighting and financial shenanigans one would expect from such dark comedy. One sides says all she wants is to be on equal footing following with her former mate, but everyone knows the truth is that she really wants to be more than equal. The other side – in this case Silvio Berlusconi – prepares to take it on the chin. However, as the British newspaper The Independent reports, Berlusconi made it all too easy for Ms. Marina Lario (formerly Veronica Berlusconi, one of Forbes 100 most powerful women) to file for separazione con addebito (“charge separation,” where Lario makes the claim that the marriage is irreparable because of Berlusconi’s actions).

Silvio Berlusconi worth more than $10 billion

A highly prosperous construction and media magnate in addition to being Italy’s Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi clearly has little need for private money lenders. But the 73-year-old does, apparently, need young women around him constantly, including a long list of call girls and lingerie model Noemi Letizia, who calls him “Daddy.” Berlusconi’s libido is legendary, and it caused him to stray from his wife at a breakneck pace. Those indiscretions, as well as a long list of unrelated legal problems, have made life more than interesting for Berlusconi. But even his misdealings weren’t enough to convince the Italian divorce court that Veronica Lario deserved $5.3 million per month in alimony. Instead, Lario, 53, will be receiving a somewhat lower monthly settlement, with one additional provision – she gains control of Silvio Berlusconi’s Villa Belvedere in Milan, which is valued at about $105 million. Lario currently lives there with the couple’s three children.

That’s what you get when you’re charged with ‘consorting with minors’

The 30-year marriage between the politician/media magnate and former actress has come to an end, and both parties have claimed in the media that they are “satisfied” with the decision of the court. Whether or not Silvio Berlusconi was “satisfied” by a string of underage women shall go rhetorically unanswered.

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