Shrek glass recall | Beware ogres bearing cadmium

A McDonald's employee is dressed as the beloved children's movie ogre Shrek. The Shrek glass recall had not yet happened at the time this photograph was taken.

Run from the cadmium monster, children! Ruuuuuun! (Photo: Flickr)

Children the world over know and love the cantankerous Hollywood ogre known as “Shrek,” but after the recent Shrek glass recall, kids may need to worry about the health standards of the denizens of Far, Far Away. Neither ogre ooze nor donkey drool are quite as disturbing as cadmium in the paint used on Shrek glasses that were part of a McDonald’s promotional tie-in with the new movie “Shrek Forever After.” Federal regulators found the toxic metal in the paint, and now a 12 million Shrek glass recall is underway, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Shrek glass recall: From $2 treat to verboten

The Shrek glass recall will affect McDonald’s restaurants across America, in the interests of child safety. Congresswoman Jackie Speier of California got the ball rolling on the Shrek glass recall after receiving an anonymous tip. Rep. Speier informed the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), who in turn tested the Shrek glasses and found that there was indeed cadmium in the paint. Cadmium itself is a toxic metal that can cause kidney, lung, intestinal and bone damage. McDonald’s has not released information as to where the Shrek glasses were produced, and it is currently unknown why the paint used would contain cadmium.

At the urging of the CPSC, McDonald’s enacted the Shrek glass recall. Those who have already purchased the Shrek glasses are advised to keep them out of the reach of children and return them to McDonald’s for a full refund.

Corporations ‘must do better’

Although Speier commended McDonald’s for their speed in instituting the Shrek glass recall, she made a point of reminding McDonald’s and the corporate world that they must take better care in “thoroughly reviewing their domestic and international supply chains to keep products with potentially dangerous elements from ever hitting their shelves.”

Cadmium has been found in toys, jewelry before

Recently, certain Wal-Mart jewelry has been found to contain cadmium (see video below). Previously recalled discount children’s toys have also been found to be contaminated by the toxic metal. These are typically the kinds of toys that don’t require parents to take out installment loans with a credit check to be able to afford them. Rep. Speier played a significant role in introducing legislation to ban the use of cadmium and other toxic metals from children’s jewelry. Now that the Shrek glass recall has the public’s attention, perhaps McDonald’s will recall whoever was in charge of foisting poisoned cups on kids.


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