From Short Term Loans to Hiring, Communication is Key

From Short Term Loans to Hiring, Communication is Key

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Photo from Picasa

Goals of a business owner

From getting a short term loan to hiring new employees, small business owners need to be good communicators. Regardless of what daily task a business owner takes on, he or she has to know how to effectively communicate what is needed, what the goals are and what the projected outcome will be. For anyone who owns a business, or wants to in the future, communication is key to making it work.


Communicating in business is a lot like a flat-screen TV—the picture and how it’s painted, is everything. Communication experts focus their charges on improving their output. That includes everything that happens when a person speaks. From their command of the language to social etiquette, all things work together to convey a message. How well a business owner can blend these together, means better messaging and more effective communication.

Where communication starts

Childhood experts know that the processing function of communication happens unconsciously. Children are taught to “use their words” at an early age. It’s the conscious level that soon takes hold and teaches children to strategize on where the conversation is going, what is appropriate, what is appropriate for the specific listener and what the context is.

A case study in communication

Robert M. is a 71-year old businessman. Though he is a successful businessman, many newer clients run from him. Their first complaint is that he undermines staff. Their secondary concern is that he interrupts his colleagues, or even worse, takes over for them. When Robert M. approached communication specialist Myra Bryant, her suggestions were few. She first had him walk around his office one day saying nothing. For a full eight hours, he was not allowed to instruct, note, theorize, dictate or speak in any way. Bryant said, “I wanted Robert to get the idea that things work without him putting his two cents into everything. I also wanted him to understand that there are things on his sales floor, beyond his thought process, that are worth listening to.”

The biggest problem with Robert M. was that his lack of communication skills was getting in the way of normal business operations. For example, one banker interviewed his staff for short term loans and Robert M. all but alienated his company’s shot at funding for the upcoming season. Bryant said, “The good thing about Robert M. is that despite his problems, he was willing to take responsibility for them and to change them…the face of business has changed greatly in the fifty years he’s been in the sales force. He understands that and is willing to do whatever it takes to remain relevant.”

Communication in 2010

Communication is key to any business operation. Now that the business world is highly technologically advanced, there are more readily available portals for sharing information. Whether it’s verbal, via email, a website, a letter or an internet chat, communicating is a daily tool everyone uses to move their business ideas forward. From procuring short term loans to hiring new employees, business owners, now more than ever, need to understand the proper and most effective ways to communicate. It’s the best way to drive business forward towards success.

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