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Shawl Button

The buttons are what give Shawls by Hoda flexibility. Image: chefreden / Flickr / CC-BY-SA

Shawls by Hoda are quickly becoming the ultimate in flexible, hand-knitted warmth and fashion. Featured on “The Today Show,” which Hoda co-hosts, Shawls by Hoda are selling like crazy, with some proceeds going to breast cancer research. If you want to order or make your own Shawls by Hoda style wrap, it can easily be done.

Shawls by Hoda basic design

The basic design of a Shawl by Hoda is relatively simple. A long, knitted wrap with three large buttons down one side, a Shawl by Hoda gives extra flexibility. There is a small collar at the neck, which gives some shape. This means the shawl can be worn as scarf, jacket or even shoulder wrap.

Donations through Shawls by Hoda

Though the Shawls by Hoda website has not outlined exactly how much goes to breast cancer research, some does. This means when you purchase one of the Shawls by Hoda, you are making a donation. Donations of proceeds like this are a popular marketing tool for small businesses, especially during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Shawls by Hoda free pattern

A free pattern for Shawls by Hoda style wraps has not yet made it to the internet. The styling of the shawls, however, appears to be a basic long knit stitch, perhaps with a bit of purl stitch, which is a backward knit, at the collar. At $85 for acrylic or $95 for organic cotton, the Shawls by Hoda appear to be about a 60 to 70 percent markup of materials. If you do know how to knit, then this style of shawl will be less expensive to knit yourself. At the same time, the growth of crafting sales and Etsy-style products is making the pricing of crafts a difficult question. Working and production time is worth money, and a significant number of vendors tend to under-value their time. If you want a Shawls by Hoda free pattern, it will most likely make an appearance on the website Ravelry soon. Otherwise, keep in mind that a low-priced similar product could be undervaluing the crafter’s time.

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