Same Sex Marriage Legislation Causes Spurt in Personal Loans

Same Sex Marriage Legislation Causes Spurt in Personal Loans

Photo from Picasa

Photo from Picasa

Skeletons Out of the Closet

When the legislation approving same sex marriages was signed in Maryland and Virginia, businesses of the region hoped to gain some of the money by couples looking to tie the knot, who are expected to come from other states where these marriages are considered illegal. Doing this will present an enormous cost, which may cause them to take out a personal loan. But by doing this, they will achieve the one important but neglected part of their lives: recognition of being humans with the courage to be authentically true to themselves and others.

Stereotypes About Same Sex “Affairs”

It is not a secret that same sex relationships are here to stay. Looking around, we see a many people who are finally seeing the light about themselves and living authentically, in spite of the many stereotypes and opinions about this. While some states have legalized such relationships, others have abhorred them. These have existed for many ages, ever since humans first started forming relationships. But because of the many religions banning such relationships, they were pushed into the closet. Many people in this world take it upon themselves to detest such relationships and make no bones about making their feelings known. It has to be understood that these people cannot be forced to remain in the closet forever, because they will force themselves out, perhaps at the cost of a rebellion, such as what happened at Stonewall during the Stonewall Riots of 1969.

Economic Benefits of Legislation

Now that the legislation for same sex marriages has been signed, businesses in the region are looking to reap the economic benefits from couples coming from places like Washington and other places to take advantage of the situation. Personal loans will only assist them in getting what they need to be human. The only hitch to this is a 30 day review period by the congress, but the process is currently being contested.

Huge Money for the Recession

In an economy that has already been hit hard by the recession, businesses in the region are hoping that this legislation will bring in the financial benefits that they wanted. District officials estimate that businesses could reap around $22 million over the next three years as couples from different states look to take advantage of the laws. Another estimate issued by the University of California places this figure at around $52 million.

Future is Looking Up

While businesses will be looking to provide all the services that are required for a ceremony, same sex couples will also be making plans for a decent future. They may do so at the cost of their own savings or a personal loan. Given the fact that every couple has the right to consider the sacred institution of marriage, these people should also be given their due. This will be a fact that many people will dislike, however they will have to digest reality and accept the economic benefits that are headed their way.

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