sets record for most expensive domain


Pharmaceutical companies have approached the new owner of, proposing partnerships. Image: Flickr / loauc / CC-BY-SA

Guinness World Records has officially announced that sets the record as most expensive domain ever purchased. The owner of the website, however, has said he “does not have immediate plans for commercialization.”

Guinness recognizes most expensive domain

Guinness World Records certified today that is “the most expensive internet address domain name.” The domain was sold via domain-broker company Sedo, which has also sold other high-value domain names., and all sold for seven figures in the last few years. While these short, succinct dot-com domains are valued very highly, new domains such as .xxx are also being eyed by investors. set the record with its $13 million price tag in January of this year. may have been an impulse buy

While the new owner of prefers to remain anonymous, he did grant an interview to TechCrunch. Right now, redirects to an advertising site with no content of its own. The owner of the website has said that he has “no immediate plans” to commercialize the website, though he does have a team “working on possibilities.” Escom, LLC, the previous owner of, had to file bankruptcy when it was not able to commercialize the website effectively. Reports are that the 125,000 visitors a day bring in “seven figures a year.”

Possibilities for commercializing

While advertising is bringing in seven figures for the most expensive domain in the world, the owners are considering other possibilities. may eventually become a pharmaceutical website, technology website or the obvious — an adult website. The goal of the owner is to create a business model that would allow to become a publicly offered company. Having a business model focused on adult content would not prevent from creating a public company. Playboy and New Frontier Media are both publicly traded, adult-industry companies.


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