SEO Long-Tail Marketing for Payday Loans

What is Long-Tail Keyword Marketing?

Thank you for visiting We are going to discuss Long-Tail Keyword Marketing for the payday loan and cash advance industries. Have you ever heard of Long-Tail Keyword Marketing? It’s a marketing strategy for going after long-tail keywords. Keywords are what people type in Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find what they are looking for. Long-tail means they are the longer versions of a commonly searched-for term. These keywords are specially selected because the person who types them in a search engine, like in Google, have a high commercial intent of requesting a loan.

What’s a long-tail keyword?

For instance, it’s really hard to have an article rank high for the keyword, “payday loans,” because there is too many powerful competing websites. You could have a lot better success if you go after a long-tail like “payday cash advance loans.” Long-tails like this have a much higher chance of ranking for a money-making keyword phrase. This blog is a highly ranked financial blog that Google sees as very relevant to those who use Google for payday loan keyword phrases. It ranks well for many long-tails without much effort. Consistently our articles rank well for all types of industries as well.

Can you give me an example?

On our Long-Tail Keyword Marketing page, there is a list of example articles with links to some of the actual posts which have converted into funded applications. Commissions are paid based on the funded application, not just a form completion. Our chart shows you real-life examples of how much traffic the articles received, how many unique views they got, how many applications were completed, and how many applications were actually funded.


Where should I put the keywords?

We have a really good example article that was submitted by a writer named Joe. He used the keywords in the first sentence. He was smart in using the keywords in the article body as well. His article converted but only converted once. What he could have done better was put the keyword in the title of the article, in the headers of the article, and maybe a few more times throughout the body of the content.

How do I get paid?

There are several different application buttons on each article page. There’s an get started button in the content of your article, there’s an get started button in the main navigation menu. There’s also an get started button in the upper right which is a short form and there is yet another in the very top upper right of the Personal Money Store website. For any visitor who comes to this article page, we drop a cookie tracker on their browser so when they click any of these get started buttons and an actually get a funded loan, we pay out the commissions to the writer of the article. So far it’s working really well.

What is commercial intent?

The Long-Tail Keyword Marketing page explains to you what steps you need to take in order to get a highly ranked article for a long-tail keyword that will convert. If you’ve ever heard the term “commercial intent” then you know that the intent of the searcher typing in a keyword makes a big difference when it comes to conversions. So again, I highly stress that you make sure that the full keyword is in the title of the page headers of the page and sprinkled throughout the content of the page. Of course you want to also include synonyms or other ways of saying that same keyword throughout the body of the content so you can rank for more than one keyword.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, you have to click the link on the Long-Tail Keyword Marketing page. Go to our commission writing page and sign up for an affiliate tracking code. This tracking ID will be e-mailed to you within 24 to 72 hours. This is required for anyone who wants to get commission from an article before they submit the article. You will not get credit for commissions if you do not have this tracking code first. Signing up is easy as clicking the link above to go to our page, filling out the short application and waiting for your welcome e-mail.

How do I submit articles?

Go to this submission form to submit your articles. You’ll notice that on this page that we have the submission form you’re going to need. You will need to fill out all of the required information including the author’s name, e-mail, and your PayPal account or Google Checkout ID (so we know where to pay the money for your commissions). Just submit your tracking ID number and fill out the rest of the form to provide us with the content of your article. Usually within a couple days, sometimes within a few hours, you will receive an e-mail letting you know if we are accepting or rejecting your Long-Tail Keyword Marketing article submission. If it is rejected, we will provide you with the reasons for it being rejected and allow you to the fix it so it meets the quality and standards of our website.

Tips for success

After your first article submission, you will receive a long list of keywords that were specifically picked in order to provide at least an estimated one conversion per day. We have a system that will provide you with back-links and traffic to each of these articles, however you will want to do what you can to generate back-links and traffic yourself. The video on this page will help you to know what to do to generate this traffic. The more links that point to your article, the higher it can rank for your particular keyword phrase. You’re going to want to link to your article with that keyword phrase as the anchor text of the link. The more you do this, the higher your article will be ranked and therefore the more conversions you potentially could get.

How much can I make?

So imagine you will spend the time to write one article for a given long-tail and it consistently converts making you $30-$50 every week for several months in a row! You can definitely see the advantage of our Long-Tail Keyword Marketing system in the long run. The biggest mistake people make is thinking that they can just submit an article and it will consistently provide them revenue over time without any effort. It will provide some revenue in most cases, but you don’t want to be a lazy marketer. If you link to your article, it should easily rank because of the authority of Personal Money Store for that keyword phrase. The more links, the longer it stays ranked, the more money you can make over time.